Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Visit Home

Before we headed back to Utah (we are back now), we stopped and saw our families one last time. It was only for one day, but we packed a lot in. The highlight of the day was being able to watch my little sister cheer for the first time at the opening night for high school football. It was really fun and she did a great job. Go Fighting Zebras!!!!

My cute Mom
Alyssa "taking my lipstick from me"
Huh? This face reminds me of Jim from "The Office"
Letty in her cute cheer outfit

Teaching Alyssa the moves
Letty being held up in a "full extension", I think that is what it is called

Monday, August 27, 2007

Look Who We Got To Meet...

Before we left for Los Angeles, we made a trip up to SF to meet the newest member of the Henry family, Calvin. He is so cute and tiny!!! I think he is probably the youngest baby I have seen in a long time (2 days when we saw him). They are such a cute family and we are so happy for them. Dan and Ashley already seem like seasoned pros at the parenting thing. We are glad we have been able to spend time with the Henry's this summer and that we got to meet the little guy before we head back to Utah.
Me and Calvin, maybe someday I will have one of my own
Jason and Calvin, doesn't Jason's hand (and head) look really big next to him
The Henry family (I didn't catch Dan at the best moment)
Big Yawn!!
I love this picture of little Cal, he was so awake and alert while we were there
Me, Ash and Cal

Our Tinseltown Weekend

WARNING: This post has a lot of writing. It will start to sound like a journal entry. If you don't care about the details, skip ahead to the pictures!

We spent this last weekend living out my dream weekend. We left for Los Angeles on Thursday morning. When we got there we went and checked out the Greek Theater (where Michael Buble was playing that night) to see if it was within walking distance of our hotel. It wasn't, it was about 2.3 miles, and way up in the wilderness. We decided to take the bus for 2 reasons, 1- Jason hates paying for parking (sometimes it can be a little ridiculous the lengths he goes to, but everyone has their quirks) and 2- we were pretty sure getting out of there would be hellish. So we rode the bus, it worked out great on the way there. We both thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Especially me, my crush on Michael Buble is now bigger than ever (don't worry I think Jason understands after seeing him). He is so charismatic!! I mean he was almost as entertaining when he wasn't singing as he was when he was. Which made the entire show totally fun. When it was over Jason looked at me and said "Wow it is already over, that went by quick". I guess the old saying "time flies when your having fun" is true. Needless to say I will make every effort to attend future Michael Buble concerts, and I suggest you all do the same! Ok back to the transportation saga. As we were walking down to the bus stop Jason mentions that he just saw one go by and that they only come every half hour this late at night, so we decide to start walking to the next stop. Long story short we never caught the bus and ended up walking the 2.3 miles back to our hotel at 11:30pm in Los Angeles and I was not wearing anything that even resembled walking shoes. It wasn't really the ideal ending to our wonderful night but oh well, we got some exercise.

Friday we got up and were planning on doing a session at the Los Angeles temple. Those plans were thwarted when I called to get the session times and found out the temple is closed for cleaning. We were really bummed. We try to attend the temple whenever we are away on vacation in an attempt to maybe someday visit half of the beautiful temples on the earth. We decided to go see the temple anyway. It was beautiful, and big, really big. After that we walked around Rodeo Drive and to my disappointment we didn't see any celebrities:( We then headed up to Beverly Hills to admire all the ginormous (my new favorite word) homes. I was looking at a website yesterday that had the addresses of celebrities and we were on some of the roads that they live on we just didn't know it. We stopped on Sunset Blvd and ate at Frankie and Johnnie's Pizza, it was delicious. They had celebrities signatures all over the walls, kinda cool. Then we went back to our hotel, watched a movie, got ready and went back out. We walked along Hollywood Blvd to Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Kodak Theater (were they have the Emmy's and various other award shows). I must admit I have a little bit of a fascination with old hollywood. You know the Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner hollywood. It was neat to see their hand and footprints in the cement and imagine them on the red carpet at their movie premieres. Anyway after that we headed to the Pantages theater and saw WICKED!!!! It was amazing, everything I hoped it would be and more. Jason liked it as well, in fact we had Wicked in our heads the rest of the weekend. I thought I would be disappointed because I have always wanted to see the original cast but I wasn't. This cast was great, many of them did perform their roles on Broadway, just not in the original cast. I would highly recommend this play for anyone who likes theater. Get the soundtrack first so you can sing along in your head.

Instead of staying Saturday night in LA, like we had planned, we picked a town along the coast and stayed there. We ended up in Morro Bay, a very cute little town on the ocean. It took us quite awhile to drive there since it is along Highway 1, which is right along the ocean, very scenic. We checked in, got some recommendations for dinner, actually it was more like Linner because we were starving and it was only 3:30pm. We ate at the Great American Fish Company. We enjoyed our table as much as the dinner. It was a window seat in the corner so we could see outside all around us. After that we walked around the little shops along the water. We went to the grocery store and got things for a picnic on Sunday. Came back and watched a movie. Very nice relaxing evening. Sunday we went to church. Then had our picnic on the beach. Then headed back. We opted to continue on highway 1, which in hindsight was probably not the best idea. We left around 2pm and didn't get home until about 6:30pm. It was a beautiful drive, but it took considerably longer. Overall we had a delightful weekend. The perfect end to our summer.

Los Angeles here we come
The Greek Theater, what an amazing venue!
Don't we make a fine pair!!
But I think I look better with this guy
Jason enjoying the show, can you see the trees in the background, we were seriously in the wilderness
Jason at the LA temple
Me on Rodeo Drive
Jason was obsessed with the old school Beverly Hills sign
WICKED!!! I was very excited!
Jason at the Kodak Theater
Jason with the Hollywood sign, if you look really hard you can see it
Jason and I at the Great American Fish Company
Jason and I in Morro Bay with the pretty boats
Me, excited for the picnic
Jason and the ocean
Jason and our spread

Sticky Mess

So just before we left on Thursday, Jason asked me to grab some snacks for the road, so I took out a bag of candy and the bottom was COVERED in...HONEY. It was a huge mess. One of our tubs of honey had gotten tipped over and leaked all over the cupboard. Most the time we love honey, but not that day!!
The mess (at least it was creamy honey, not runny)
Jason wasn't too happy about having to clean this mess up (for those of you who noticed that Jason looks hunched, don't worry I already nag him about his posture, I think it is really helping)!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason!!!

I want to wish a very happy 27th birthday to my sweet husband, who I love sooooo much (I'm sure he will love a mushy post all about him)!! Jason is seriously the best husband ever, he is so kind and sensitive and I love him so much and can't wait for the future with him! Have a great day honey!

Spontaneous Weekend

Last week while I was in Lincoln, I went to the Sacramento temple with my parents and their ward. It was a very nice evening. Afterwards we (my parents and I) went and ate at Leatherby's I haven't had an ice cream sundae in forever, so the one we got was delicious to me!! Last weekend Jason and I were in Santa Clara and decided spur of the moment to go home for the weeekend. Jason's brother, sister and Dad were all in town. So we left Saturday morning and hung out the rest of the weekend. Saturday we fixed Jason a Cioppino (a fish stew that has mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp and fish) because he wanted that for his birthday dinner. Then on Sunday Jason's Mom made her famous lasagna and invited my family over and we celebrated Jason's birthday. We were very glad we decided to make the trip since we are heading back to Provo soon and don't have much time left to spend with our families.
Mom and I with our ginormous (yes that is officially a word now) sundae
Dad with his dessert
I forgot to mention on Thursday night they have free concerts in the park in San Jose so we went and saw Mandy Moore. We didn't stay long it was sooooo crowded. I know you can barely see her but oh well, use your imagination
Dinner with the Millers (and non-alcoholic wine, we weren't very big fans)
Mike and Michelle ( I convinced them to watch High School Musical with me, then we liked it so much we watched HSM 2 right afterwards)
Jason with his birthday cake
Mike, Michelle and Letty
Jason and I

Sunday, August 12, 2007

And All That Jazz

On Friday we drove up to SF and stayed with Dan and Ashley. That night we met their friends Matt and Liz and their two adorable girls Maddie and Olivia for dinner at a really cute, yummy Italian restaurant (the name has slipped my mind). That was fun. Afterward we walked around downtown SF and part of Chinatown. Jason and I spent the night with the Henry's and on Saturday morning went to a delicious breakfast place called Mama's, it was soooooo good. We have to go back. We came back to Santa Clara that afternoon and Jason's Mom came down from Auburn to hang out with us. That night we went to the San Jose Jazz Festival, which was really cool. I love Jazz music (little side-note: Michael Buble and Wicked is only about a week away)!!!!! On Sunday we made a scrumptious dinner of salmon, wild rice, asparagus and a to die for peach cobbler, I love good food. Overall it was a delightful weekend.
Jason, me, Liz and Maddie, Matt and Olivia, and Dan (Ashley was taking the picture)
Ashley and I outside Mama's
All of us, completely satisfied after our yummy breakfast
Jan and I at the Jazz festival
Jason and I at the Jazz festival
Jason and Jan at the Jazz festival

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Super Itern

Yesterday was another exciting day for Jason at Apple. Each summer Apple has a contest for the interns to participate in. Basically they come up with an idea for an apple product or feature and then present it to a board of judges who are VP's at Apple. Well this year Jason and his group beat out over 100 interns and won the contest. I can't really explain the idea yet because Jason and his group are working with the iPhone developers to implement their idea. I'm so proud of Jason and his hard work, and not at all surprised by the success his having at apple. Congratulations honey, I love you!!

Fashion Show

My Mom never throws anything in her closet away, so this morning I tried to help her go through and get rid of some stuff, but in the meantime my sister Letty and I decided to do a fashion show for those of you who didn't know the styles of past decades.
Letty and I both thought this outfit looked like Michael Jackson
Don't you just miss the 80's
My Mom was a real estate agent back in the late 80's so we tried to show that with the following pictures, here is Letty off to show a house

Prom dresses circa 1973 and 1974
My Mom's wedding and a bridesmaid dress she wore in the late 70's
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride
These are some pictures of when we went and visited Megster, here is Megan, Stac, and Me
Our little sisters, Letty and Jill