Sunday, August 04, 2013

Oliver's 5th Birthday

I can't believe our little Oliver is 5 years old!  I had a really hard time with this birthday for some reason.  It may have to do with the fact that I am 8 months pregnant, but I also think it is because he is starting transitional kindergarten and will soon be in school 5 hours a day.  I'm really going to miss him, and I worry about kids being mean, and what he will learn/hear from other kids, and what if he isn't nice for some reason...uhhh...I just worry in general.  I know he will be fine, but it is still hard.  

We tried to make his birthday really special.  He knew it too.  I overheard him say to Max "this is my special day and you aren't making it special".   One of the cyclist staying with us made Ollie a card the night before his birthday.  It was so sweet of her and it was a really cute card.  I had it sitting on the table for him when he woke up.

We also blew up a bunch of balloons and covered the floor with them.  This is after about half of them were kicked and thrown to other parts of the house.

A few weeks ago I caved at the grocery store and bought Lucky Charms.  It was on sale and would help me get a free gallon of milk, plus Max was begging for them.  It was a weak moment.  Ollie has loved them and usually eats out the marshmallows first.  On his birthday I got up and picked out the marshmallows for him. Not something I would normally do, but hey, your birthday only comes once a year. He was so excited.  I told him that it would probably give him a stomach ache if he ate too much, he agreed and halfway through decided he was done.  I was happy to let him waste the rest of his breakfast.  

His birthday was our Jamestown day.  My mother in law Jan is in town for a couple of weeks so she was able to come with us, which was fun.  We started with my chiropractor appt at 9:30 (exciting I know), then Ollie had gymnastics from 10-12.  While he was there, the rest of us ran a Miller Honey errand and then went to get a few things at Walmart.  After we picked Ollie up we went and got the boys chicken nuggets at McDonalds (Ollie's choice) then headed to Cherry Berry, where Jan and I had lunch and we all got frozen yogurt.  After a few more errands we headed home.  

We bought Ollie this ribbon to wear around during the day, and Jan bought him that Angry Birds shirt, he was pretty excited.

Jason spent most of the day in Fargo taking our friend Konrad to the airport and picking up two new Bobcats for Miller Honey.  When he got home we went to the plant with him to unload them. The boys thought it was pretty awesome (Jason seemed pretty giddy as well).  

We came home and ate dinner.  Ollie requested tuna noodle casserole.  We also had fresh green beans from our neighbors garden, and fruit salad.  As we were finishing up eating I realized I forgot to put the tuna in the casserole.  It still tasted pretty good and Ollie ate 4 servings.  

After dinner we came in and Ollie opened presents (Legos, squirt guns, lawn games, the game Trouble, Hotel Transylvania, coloring books and markers, a kite and some sidewalk chalk. 

Jan and I were looking for a card to give Ollie when I came across the one below.  It goes right along with his humor at this age.  I know my son because he had us read him the card like 50 times that night and each time he laughed uncontrollably.  

After presents was cake.  I took Ollie through the baking aisle last week and let him choose his cake and frosting.  He chose funfetti cake and funfetti icing.  It is pretty much the last cake I would choose, but he loved it and it was actually pretty good.  

Just as we were coming outside to eat my friend Sam and her kids were out on a walk so we called them over and had them join us.  I think someone had to go to the bathroom in the pic below.

After cake the kids played in the big dirt pile in our neighbor's yard. I love this picture of Emma in her princess dress, playing in the dirt.  I hope my little girl is like that.

I think this picture of Emma is darling.

And then there is the sweetest baby in the world, Mason.

Max with his dirt gloves.

Courtney wanted her picture taken as well.  Too cute.

 Last year I did an interview with Ollie on his birthday.  I wanted to do the same this year.  I asked mostly the same questions.  A few he added in himself. 


 Favorite TV Show: Bubble guppies, Dora (I think this is funny because we don't get the channels for either of these shows).

Favorite Movie:  Magic School Bus and Popular Mechanics for Kids (definitely has some Jason in him)

Favorite Food: fruit (cantalope specifically) and tuna noodle casserole.

Favorite Color: green, blue, purple and red

Favorite Toy:  Squirt gun he got for his birthday

Favorite Song:  Gangnam Style

Favorite Book:  All Richard Scary books

Food You Dislike: broccoli (which he ate tons of tonight so I don't know where that came from) and honeydew

Best Friend:  Eli, Hunter and Aiden (I specifically asked about Max and he said no)

Favorite Thing To Do:  Play on the iPad, watch movies, ride my bike and go swimming.

Things I Don't Like Doing (he added this question): Going to Jamestown, going to stores 

Oh Oliver, we just love you so much.  Stay little forever