Monday, December 17, 2007

Jason + Ginny + Baby = Happy Family

So lots of people know already but I guess it isn't really official until it is on the blog.  Jason and I are expecting our first baby!!  I went in for my first doctors appointment today, and I am 8 weeks along, and the due date is July 30th.  This is seriously going to be the longest pregnancy since we found out pretty early, but we are so excited.  I have been very nausea since about the 6th week.  It is not fun but I am glad to have symptoms, it makes me feel like everything is progressing well.  We probably should have waited until I was a little further along to tell everyone but we are just so excited.  I will keep the blog updated with pictures along the way.  And I would love advice from all you mothers out there, I'm sure going to need it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Temple Square Lights

Last night we got together with some friends of mine (and now Jason's) from my BYU-Idaho days, Russ and Kim.  It was really fun.  We ate at one of our favorite restaurants Bangkok Thai and then we braved the cold and walked around temple square.  It was so fun to see them and catch up!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow Boots

Something has changed within me, something is not the same (from wicked). I actually like the snow. I attribute this to a few things, for example, I haven't had to drive in it yet, and each day it has snowed I have been able to stay home and relax in my warm, cozy house, but the main reason for this change is my new snow boots. I know it may sound weird that something so small could change my whole perspective on the snow, but pre-boots I HATED walking in the snow, and you can't really be in the snow without walking in it, so that further enhanced my hatred. But now when I walk to Smiths in the snow I can throw on my sweats, put my boots on over my sweats, and my little feet stay warm and cozy plus my pants stay dry. I also used to stress out whenever anyone wanted to go "play" in the snow because I never had proper footwear. It is amazing, if you live in the snow and don't have a pair of snow boots GET SOME NOW!!! The best part is I got them for $8 at DI. Anyway, Provo is a winter wonderland right now. It has snowed all day and is suppose to continue all day tomorrow.
My lovely boots
A couple of pictures showing the snow out our window

Jason enjoying the snow
Ok, I realize I look DISGUSTING but whatever, here is me on the way home from Smiths, yes I actually left the house like that!!
Ok, this picture doesn't really belong on this post but oh well, we had dinner at Jen's the other night with Jason's Grandparents, they were in SL so his Grandpa could get surgery on his eyes, hence the bruising. Jason's Grandpa is so cute, when we first saw the bruising we said oh my goodness, his response "well you should see the other guy"!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!!!

Our four year anniversary was on the 21st of November. Since we were in Pennsylvania we didn't really do anything until we got back. Jason got me two dozen beautiful roses and then took me out to dinner. We tried a local restaurant called Prestwich Farms, it was good. We had a pretty uneventful anniversary, but it was still wonderful. We both feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful four years. I am one seriously lucky girl. This weekend we got our first big snow storm (it is about time), so Jason and I went up the canyon with our b-i-l Jeff and went fishing. It was really fun. Jeff and I both caught little fish, and Jason gave it a really good effort :) That night we went up to into the mountains with Jenny and Jeff and got our Christmas tree. It was a really fun adventure!! I also included some pictures of our tree decorated. I have always love the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, but I really love our not-as-beautiful Christmas tree. It is decorated with ornaments that we get at different places that we visit, so decorating our tree is like a walk down memory lane for us, it is really special.

Me with my beautiful flowers

Jason and his yummy crab legs

Both of us at dinner

The master teaching us how to fish

Jason fishing...try to ignore his outfit

Me and my fish!!!  Don't worry I threw him back, he was just a little guy.

The mountain men, Jeff and Jason

Our beautiful tree
Our stockings and what not
Jason enjoying the Christmas feel of our home!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in PA

We had an awesome Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to go back to Pennsylvania to see my Mom's side of the family. She has 8 brothers and sisters. We used to go back to PA every summer when I was growing up so we have stayed very close with everyone. Jason and I have been back twice since we have been dating/married, but this time we got to be there at the same time as my whole family. Saturday we watched my cousin Nathaniel play football for his high school. He is the quarterback and he did awesome, they won 34-7!! Every Sunday my Grandma has the whole family over for dinner which is one of my favorite traditions. Monday we went with my Dad, brother and little sister to Gettysburg. I have been to Gettysburg many times because my Dad is a huge history buff, but Jason had never been so I figured he should get some history in during our visit. You can buy a CD and drive around the city and someone narrates where everything happened. Tuesday was my birthday, my Mom and sisters and I went and got manicures, and did some shopping. On Wednesday (which was Jason and I's 4 year anniversary) we had my birthday dinner and everyone came over for cake and ice cream. Thursday was Thanksgiving obviously which was so good, I thought I was going to die, I ate soooo much, I could hardly breathe. Friday we took family pictures, then Jason and I had to drive to Pittsburgh to fly out. It was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to go back again.  Note: there are a lot of pictures on the post and this is only about 1/4 of the pictures I took, Jason is going to add an album to our website if you want to see the others, click here. 

My Uncle Doug and Aunt Pam have chickens and Alyssa LOVED them, here is Lys and Letty

Lys convinced Leah to hide behind a chair with her, we are all pretty much putty in Alyssa's hands

Letty and I after church, this was one of the only days it snowed, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't freezing!

Letty and Lys eating the snow, they aren't really around snow very often so it was a big deal

Jason playing cards with the guys, my Dad, Uncle Doug, and Uncle Jack

Letty and I on the way to Gettysburg

Jason, me, Jack and Letty watching the interactive map at Gettysburg, it gives you a good idea of where the battles happened

Jason and I at one of the Gettysburg monuments

Letty, Jack and I

Letty and I at the Virginia Memorial

Jason, I thought this was a cool little road, all of the battles basically happened in big open fields like the one to Jason's right, although while we were driving through town we could see bullet holes in a lot of the buildings

My Dad (our tour guide) and my brother Jack

Letty and I doing a reinactment

This is were a really important battle happened, Letty and I are hiding behind the rock wall

Jack and Jason

Me and my Mom and sisters at the nail place

Me getting my manicure, the guy asked me if someone was getting married cause we kept taking pictures, I told him that is just the way we roll

My sister Chrissy and I

I love my husband

My sisters love my husband too!!

Playing spoons, I think I will have some scars from this game

Grandma, Letty, Lys, Mom, Chris, me and Jason

Chrissy, Leah and I

Me and Jack

Joey and I blowing out my candles

Chrissy, Bekah, Joshua, Nathaniel, Nicole, Lydia, Letty, Joey, Lys, and me

Joey and Lys riding Nathaniel

Me, Bekah, Letty, Chrissy and Lydia

Lys posing at the chicken coup, she is such a ham for the camera

Me and Lys swinging

My parents bought her a make up set and it had these jewels, she wore them most of the day

The next few pictures is everyone at Thanksgiving dinner

Jason watching football with my Dad, Jason has lots of questions, my Dad has lots of answers

Jason and I with my sweet Grandma, she takes such good care of us while we are home, and I always come home a few pounds heavier!

Jason and I with my parents