Sunday, June 28, 2009

Visitors, Homecoming, Pool time

Here are some pics of our weekend, we had visitors, we hiked, we welcomed home a family member and we hung out by the pool, it was a great week/weekend.

The other day I was cleaning off our bookshelf and found this box of cards from our wedding. Ollie loves to sit in things (pans, baking dishes, boxes), so I found him like this, "helping". I think he was trying to say "here mom".

Our ward has a "hike" day pretty much every Thursday. Here is the group of us from last Thursday. So fun.

Ollie chillin'.

My Mom took the train down Thursday morning so she could hang out with us for a couple days. I love my Mom and it was so fun to have her around. Thanks for coming Mom!! Here we are on the hike.

It has been pretty warm here, so we have been spending lots of time at the pool. Ollie LOVES the water!!

Mom and Ollie

On Friday my cousin Sierra got home from a mission in Taiwan. Lucky for us she flew in to SF, so we were able to go welcome her home. We also got to meet my newest 2nd cousin! He is so tiny and cute, I know he and Ollie will be best buds in a few years.

Sierra's family waiting.

Sister McIntosh

The welcoming group with Sierra. We are so happy to have her home and so proud of all her hard work!

My Dad and Letty came down on Friday to hang out. We went to dinner, played games and spend more time at the pool. I love having family in town. Oh, and even though it has only been a couple days since we posted the walking video, he has improved so much. I will post another video soon. Uhhh...can time please slow down!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I blogged a while ago about how Ollie took a step, well now he takes lots of steps. I wouldn't classify him as "walking", but he is making progress. We are trying to get him to do it before we leave for Alaska so we don't miss it. I know once he is fully walking I'm going to want him to slow down. And is it normal to want to cry like EVERY TIME he does it? I guess I'm sad/proud of my not so little baby. Here is video of Ollie walking.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


This weekend we headed down to Monterey to visit with our bestest friends Jeff and Kelly while they were in the area. We left Saturday morning and stayed through Sunday afternoon. It is always so fun to catch up with them. Jeff's whole family was in town and they were so nice and accommodating to us. We also got to meet little Laney for the first time. She is such a sweet little baby and I loved cuddling her. Here are some pics.

This pic is actually from Friday, we went to Santa Cruz. Ollie really likes the beach, but I have to keep his binkie in the whole time because he also likes to eat sand...lots of sand :)

Kelly, Laney and I

Elle is so big and so adorable. It makes me feel so old because I remember when she was born! It seems like yesterday.

Got to have the family pic at the beach (I swear we have like 30 of this exact same pic)

Best friends for life!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We just got back from a fun weekend in Yosemite. Jason got up at the crack of dawn in December to reserve a campsite in the park.  So we have been excited about this weekend for a long time.  We have had a few different groups of people planning to go with us but plans change (Jared, Shannon) and people get sick (Jeff, Shelley:), so after all the shuffling we ended up going with our friends Ben, Carlie and Evie, and Jesse and Liz.  We are so glad we got to go with them, we had such a good time.  Yosemite is BEAUTIFUL!!  If you ever get a chance to go...DO IT.  We drove up Thursday night (about a 3 1/2 hour drive).  We rented a tent trailer (similar to the type we plan to own one day) and picked it up on our way out of town so we didn't get to our campground until around 11pm.  That first night was a rough night for Ollie (and therefore us too).  He awoke when we got to the campsite and he had a really hard time going back to sleep.  But we all recovered, and on Friday we walked around Yosemite village, and did a few hikes to some of the beautiful waterfalls.  On Saturday we hiked almost all the way to Nevada Falls.  It was a beautiful, steep hike.  Ben and Carlie brought their stroller which led to some "fun" times (or at least times that won't soon be forgotten).  Sunday we had a little church service and then packed up and headed home.  It was such a fun weekend and we are totally doing it again next year.  Let us know if you want to come along!!
At our campsite
Carlie and I
Ollie and I with one of the waterfalls in the back
Waiting for the shuttle, Jason, Ollie, Ben and Evie
I can't remember the name of this huge waterfall, but it was beautiful
Ollie being silly with his tongue
A deer we saw.  The wildlife there are very use to humans, they would come so close.  Luckily we didn't see any bears!
Us with halfdome in the background
Jason being cute and reading a book to Ollie and Evie
Ben, Evie and Carlie on the John Muir Trail
Us on the trail
Ollie was tuckered out from all the hard hiking he was having to do :)
Nevada falls and halfdome
Ben, Jason, Jesse and Liz hanging around the fire

Playing games
On Saturday we picked an outfit for Ollie and designated it his "play" outfit.  So whenever he wanted to play on the ground that is what he wore.  This is Ollie and Evie playing.  I am taking the pic from our campsite.  
It rained a little on Saturday, the kids loved it.  
Isn't this what little boys are suppose to look like...dirty?
Playing in the tent trailer before we left

Monday, June 08, 2009

Letty's Graduation

We had a very eventful weekend. We headed up North on Thursday night. Friday we hung out with our family, went to dinner and then attended my little sister Letty's high school graduation. It was such a trip for me to walk through my high school again. Pretty much nothing has changed (except a few of my classmates teaching there now). It was fun and we are so excited for Letty.

Saturday Jason participated in the Sierra Century bike ride. For those who don't know a century is 100 miles (it is also 100 years but in this case miles). Jason was suppose to meet his group (including his good friend Jared who came out from Utah to do it) at 6 am. So I set my phone alarm for 5:45, he had everything ready to go in the morning. Well, my phone died in the night and I woke up at 6:25 am. I was so sad! It ended up working out though. While our husbands were out riding Jared's wife Shannon and I got together with the babies.

After that I went to my good friend Evelyn's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. That night Jason and I went to her reception, which was also lovely. Enjoy some pics.

The family at Lincoln Chinese before graduation (it is a tradition)

Ollie with Grandma and Grandpa

Jack and Amy

Letty and Zach

My cute parents

Jason and I

Letty coming off the stage

The family with the new graduate

Jack, Letty and I missing Chrissy

What a cute graduate!!

Ollie loves this chess set at Jason's parents, it is so fun to knock all the pieces over

Ok a little out of order, can you find Letty?

Ollie loved these little pinch cups

Us at the graduation

This is out of order too...but a couple weeks ago I had to work 3 days and my mother in law was in town so she watched Ollie 2 of the days I worked. He had a great time!!

Ollie (10 months) and Jamison (6 months) playing

Shannon and I with our babies

Tammy, Stacie, Megan and I at Ev's wedding

Us with the bride, don't mind my open mouth, I guess I can't stop talking even for a picture

Ollie had a blast playing on Aunt Letty's bed