Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jason's Idea of Fun

Jason is such a busy body. I know its true but I really realized it during the last couple of days. I was sick last weekend and jumping right back into school this week didn't help the recovery process. So Friday I didn't have school, I spent the day "resting" (basically just laying around all day). While I was doing that, Jason worked in the morning, biked 20 something miles, changed the oil on our car, took a bizillion pictures of the car for our soon to be updated website (stay tuned for that announcement), and he managed to take his wife on a nice date that evening (I had rested long enough by that point). I'm glad Jason is the way he is, of course sometimes I wish he could just sit still and have a conversation with me without multitasking but I love him and I appreciate so much everything he does for us. Below is his idea of "fun".

In other news, Jason has officially accepted the offer from Apple (see pic below). He begins June 23, 2008, five days after I finish school (that will be a fun week). We are both really excited for this, although it complicates my life a little because now I have to take the California boards, oh what is two extra tests, I will already be taking like five to get my license. Saturday Jason biked 47 miles with the Utah Velo Club (Velo is bike in French). He loves his bike, he woke up at 6:45 to go on the ride and while it started out nice it was windy and rainy by the end. Which brings me to the other big news, it snowed yesterday for the first time. We went up to Park City to enjoy the beautiful drive through the canyon and the outlets up there. Utah is beautiful this time of year, I will try to get some pictures up for those who have moved and miss the pretty colors of the canyon. Anyway, it snowed really hard in Park City and as we made our way back it lightened up a little but was still snowing a bit in Provo. Those are the Miller happenings of the week, hopefully we will have more exciting things to post about soon.

Jason mailing in his offer

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Introducing Mr and Mrs Lee

Today was a very exciting day for the Miller family. Jason's sister Jenny married the guy that we set her up with over a year ago. They had a breakfast this morning, and were then wed this afternoon at the Mount Timpanogas Temple. It was a great day. Jen looked gorgeous and Jeff looked very handsome. We are so happy for them. It was also nice to see a lot of Jason's family we haven't seen in a while, and we got to meet a lot of Jeff's family for the first time. The happy couple will be honeymooning in Mexico for a week...I want to get married again!!!!
Jason and I at the breakfast
The Miller family including both sets of Grandparents
The Miller Family
Michelle and I
Me, Mike (he's single ladies) and Michelle
The happy couple, Jen's dress was so pretty
Michelle and James
Jason's cousins Abigail, Emily, Charlie and Grace
Dallas (Jason's Grandma) and Abigail
Jason and Jen

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bike Fever

Jason LOVES his new bike. He tries to ride it at least a few times a week, and rides an average of 30 miles per ride. He has been trying to convince me that it could be my new hobby as well, so we borrowed his sisters road bike and went on a short 7 mile ride (after he rode 40 miles earlier in the day with Jared). I liked it, it was fun. I hit speeds up to 23 mph (Jason has gone over 44 mph). So we did that yesterday. Last night we went to the Scera theater and saw their production of High School Musical. It was really cute, I wish my little sister Letty could have gone with us. Other than that there is nothing new with either of us, we're just plugging away at school. Although I will say, we found out we are going to PA for thanksgiving (that is where my Mom's whole family lives) and we CANNOT wait. We are so excited to see the family!! Another exciting side note is that Jason's sister Jenny is getting married next weekend to the guy we set her up with, Jeff. We are really excited for them. I love weddings!!

P.S. You will notice that Jason has switched to spandex, something he swore wouldn't happen, I know many of you have been waiting to see the rock hard gluts of my man, well wait no longer!! Now he is just waiting for a Honey Stinger bike jersey from his Dad. Oh and you will see that I wore spandex too! They are padded and my little bum cannot handle those uncomfortable seats with no padding.
Jason and Jared back from their morning ride
Jason as happy as a clam be with his bike
Jason and I after our ride (yes I realize I have no upper lip in this picture)
Me at the HSM play (yes I realize I look like a chunk in this picture, but in my defense we had just stuffed ourselves with Thai curry, Pad Thai and sticky rice with was worth it)
The cast, it really looked like the movie

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back To School

Since we got back we have just been hanging out and readjusting to life. After an eventful summer it is nice to relax, although it doesn't provide many blogging opportunities. I did take a few pictures this weekend. On Saturday Jason and I took a picnic up to Bridal Veil Falls. The weather has been perfect, so it was nice to get out. We also have brushed off the motorcycle (it was out of order for a while) and have been taking it out, I will have to get some pictures. On Sunday since Jason's brother Mike was in town, all his siblings came over for dinner, lots of fun as always, Mike always adds a lot of energy to our home. We have both been completley thrown back into the swing of things at school, it hardly feels like we had a break. I start seeing patients again this week (so anyone in Provo who needs a free cleaning, give me a call), I love seeing patients but sometimes it is stressful trying to see specific patients from specific demographics. I think it will be hard for Jason this year having worked in the "real" world this summer. I think since he has a least one job offer, it is hard to take school too seriously. We are doing well though and enjoying being back together in Provo.
At the falls
All the Miller children, and me

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Offer/Jason's New Bike

Good News!! Apple officially offered Jason a job when he graduates next year. Jason is very modest about it but the recruiter said that they were VERY impressed with him and feel he has a lot of potential. She said they really want him back and tried to draw up an offer he couldn't refuse. It is a very good offer but the cost of living is so high out there he may try to negotiate a few points. I am so happy for him, he really was starting to like his job and was very sad to leave. It is also good to know we have options. Good options. He will continue to pursue the FBI, but for now we are happy to know something great is waiting when we graduate. Congratulations Jason!!!!

In other news, Jason used his birthday money to buy a really nice road bike, something he has been wanting for a long time. This morning at 6:30am he went for his first group ride and he loved it. He rode over 40 miles and even though he doesn't have clipless pedals or full spandex he is loving the new bike. I am happy for him, although it would have made a lot more sense for him to get the bike at the beginning of summer since he biked to Apple every day this summer on a full suspension mountain bike. Now of course he is trying to get me into the biking thing, stay tuned to see how that turns out.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


So I am posting my first video. This is of my super cute niece, Alyssa. I always talk about her, so this is for those of you who have never met her or for those of you who haven't seen her in a while.