Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Empire State Mine

Wow, I have really sucked at blogging.  I started this post more than two weeks ago...geesh!  Here is an attempt to catch up.  

We had a playdate about a month ago with cousins and friends.  I got this picture of all the kids during lunch.  It has been so nice for my kids to hang out with some of their cousins while my sister and her family are here en route to Hawaii.  

Letty was in town for Thanksgiving.  She spent the night with us one night and we played Monopoly.  I hadn't played the game in years, it was really fun.

While Letty was in town we drove up to Grass Valley and visited Empire State Mines.  Santa was there that day so we got the token Santa pictures.  My kids were NOT fans, at all.  

It was such a beautiful day.  The background in this picture looks like a painting.  

The kids had such a great time running around and playing.  We have a picture of my family visiting this exact area when we were our kids ages. Pretty crazy.

All the ladies.

Letty donated a shirt to our local consignment store and I went in at a later date and bought it.  Haha.  We have a very similar style I guess.

I convinced Chrissy and Dave to take four days and go to Monterey.  They never went on a honeymoon and with all the stress of moving etc, I really thought they needed it.  We kept the kids and everyone had a great time. 
 The Sunday they left the weather was beautiful so we went on a walk.  We took Max's diaper off mid way because it was super soggy.  After that the poor kid couldn't keep his pants up.

We played in the leaves,

had races down the driveway,

and got frozen yogurt.  It was fun to spend time with my niece and nephew.  We really missed them while they were in NC.

Nathan and Ollie get along really well.  Ollie always wants Nathan to come over.  The last night they were here Nathan and Ollie slept together.  So sweet.

Max and Nathan have a relationship that is a little more volatile.  Here I caught them in a good moment, watching a movie together.