Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bye Kelly!

Today was another really sad day for me. I had to say goodbye to one of my very best friends Kelly. Her and her beautiful family are moving to Colorado and I am so sad. I am the only one left in Provo, everyone has officially left me!! Kelly's move has definitely been one of the hardest for me. Kelly, Jeff and Elle have taken such good care of me since Jason left, they have no idea how much they have helped me. The only thing that is consoling me is that we will see them in Monterey in August. Anyways my life in Provo won't be the same. I love you Kelly!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Trip To California

So this past weekend I went to visit Jason in Santa Clara. It was such a nice weekend. I got in late Thursday night, and my family was nice enough to come down Thursday and pick me up from the airport, and then spend the day with me on Friday since Jason had to work. Friday morning the girls did some shopping. Then later that afternoon we met Jason at Apple and went to the Apple store and then had lunch at Caffe Macs (I know Cafe is spelt wrong, but that is how they spell it). It was delicious!! My family left Friday evening so Jason and I just relaxed. Saturday we were going to San Francisco so Jason rented a car, when he went to the San Jose airport to pick it up they couldn't find his reservation. Come to find out he had rented it for San Jose, Costa Rica. He was able to get another car, so we headed to SF. Our friends Dan and Ashley were going to go to Alacatraz with us but weren't able to (check out their blog to see why), so we were able to call our friends Scott and Amanda and they went to Alacatraz with us. It was really fun. Jason and Amanda had never been so I'm glad they were able to go. After that we met up with Dan and Ashley and Dan and Jason made a delicious dinner and apple crisp. It was great to see them. Sunday we just hung out, went to church, stopped by a neighbors BBQ and drove to Los Gatos and just walked around. It is a really cute town. It was a relaxing day. I flew out at 6am Monday so I had to get up at 4am so I am exhausted, but it was so nice to get to see Jason and spend time with him. The next time I see him will be when I move out there. YEAH!!!

My sisters, Alyssa and I
All of us at Caffe Macs
Jason and I on Alcatraz
Locked up
Jason and I on Alcatraz facing the beautiful city
Jason and I, Scott and Amanda
"The Rock"
Jason and Dan enjoying dinner
Jason and I, happy to be together again
Dan, Ashley, Jason and I
Ashley and I
Jason and I in Los Gatos

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Friend From Home

This post is for everyone from home, today Sara DiGiordano came over and had dinner with Jack and I. It was so nice to catch up with her and I hope she will stop by often!!

I'm So Spoiled

It is finally my turn to go to Wicked!!!!!!! My very sweet husband got me tickets to see Wicked in LA on August 24th, and guess what we are doing August 23rd.....GOING TO THE MICHAEL BUBLE CONCERT!!!!!!! I love him soooo much, I can't even wait. I have wanted tickets since I knew he was touring, I even joined his fan club so I could get presale tickets (which was the biggest waste of $40 don't ever do it). Anyways I finally got a pair today off ebay (don't ask me how much I paid), I am so excited he is my very favorite singer and I heard he is awesome in concert. So the second to the last weekend is August is going to be the best weekend ever!! I hope Jason likes it too!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Himalayan Festival

On Saturday Jack and I went with some friends to the Himalayan Festival at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. It was really cool. The temple is beautiful and there were lots of people dancing and playing cool instruments. I was glad we went. They also had tons of llamas (see below). I just wish Jason were here, it just isn't the same without him. (Don't forget to check the new post below this one).
Jack and Anna playing with one of the llamas
Jack grew particularly fond of this one
Kelly and Elle
Kelly and I in front of the temple
The whole group, Elle, Anna, Jack, Me, Des, Nate, Sydney, Kelly and Jeff
Everyone has to take their shoes off before entering the temple
Jack and I
This lady did this dancing that told a story, she was really good
A view of the whole temple

Special Agent Miller?

Congratulations to Jason for passing phase 1 testing for the FBI. Jason's ideal job would be working as a special agent for the FBI. He took the phase 1 test about a week and a half ago. The next test is the foreign language test which he feels pretty confident about. I should add that just because he passed phase 1 doesn't mean he is close to becoming a special agent, there are many more phases he has to go through and they are all VERY challenging. But I am proud of him for making it this far, the FBI would be lucky to have him!!!