Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last weekend we had a little pizza party with friends so we could say goodbye (the funny thing is we saw most of these friends again after the party, oh well).  We ordered WAY TOO MUCH pizza from Jason's favorite place in Palo Alto.  It was fun to get together with our friends who we are going to miss sooo much.

Of course we had to send everyone home with Miller's honey.

Thanks for coming everyone!

 I only had to work a half day on Monday so we were able to meet friends at a little pumpkin patch with bounce houses and what not.  It was a lot of fun even though Ollie was being weird and wouldn't bounce in a bounce house unless he was the only person in it.

Max loved crawling (yes crawling because the little stinker STILL isn't walking) around the pumpkins.

Ollie and his vacant bounce house.

All the kids.

I was surprised that Ollie could pull his friends around in this wagon.  

Impossible to get a pic of these two both looking at the camera.

He is looking so grown up to me lately, it is a little sad.
Well our house is totally packed and we are ready to go.  I know I said this last time but I really think this will be my last blog post from our little house in Campbell...sad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween 2011

Although we plan on taking the kids trick-or-treating next week, I don't know when I will have a chance to blog about it, so I will blog halloween now. We are moving this weekend and things are CRAZY, but we did manage to have some fun this past weekend.  Our friends Paul and Amy threw their second annual Halloween/Birthday party.  It was so fun and their decorations and food were AWESOME!  They did such a great job.  Paul got some pictures of our families costumes.  Ollie is Batman and Max is Robin.  They were so cute.  A cape makes everything so much cuter.
Batman, looking so courageous.
Preparing for take off.
Nailed the landing.

Jason and I were cat burglars.  Here we are with our super heroes.  Max was scared because Paul was dressed as the big bad wolf.
I can not get enough of that face.

He stayed quite entertained with the beverage bucket.

Robin's not nearly as manly with a pink binky (seriously why do they sell two packs with one pink and one blue??? How often do you need one of each gender color?)
Batman kept climbing this pole and getting his foot stuck, it was so funny.

It takes batman a few times of getting stuck to figure out not to do that.
 We will definitely have to make a trip down next year for the party again.  We are really going to miss the Nashes :(  This will probably be my last post from Campbell.  We leave in 3 days.  I can't believe it.  We are really going to miss this area and all our wonderful friends, but look forward to our new adventure...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roaring Camp Railroad

  This past weekend we took the boys to Roaring Camp Railroad.  This has been on our "bay area bucket list" for sometime, so I am glad we finally did it.  There are two train rides to choose from, the redwood forest steam train (1 hour 15 mins) or the Santa Cruz beach ride (3 hours), obviously we did the redwood train :)  We met up with our friends the Nolls.  A cool morning turned into a beautiful afternoon, which was nice since the train carts are open.  The scenery was beautiful and we had a lot of fun learning about the train and the area.

Family pic in front of the steam engine.

The whole group.

On the train.  Jason was having a horrendous hair day.

Brotherly love.

Max max and his old man face. 

The train used something like 600 gallons of water on our trip.  Here is the steam being released.

And getting filled back up for the next ride.
Another family pic.

Afterward we walked around the little railroad town and fed the ducks.  It was a really fun little outing.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fleet week 2011

Last weekend Jason's coworker and his partner were kind enough to invite Jason's work team to watch fleet week on their boat.  It was probably one of the coolest things we have done since living in the bay area.  Their boat is docked at Pier 39 so we were able to drive the boat out on the bay and enjoy the airshow out on the water.  The weather was beautiful so we hung out, barbecued, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and just had a great time.

The 'boat', he insists it isn't a yacht but you could have fooled me.
Sergey was the official photographer of the group (you can see by that lens that he is not messing around) .  Most of these pictures are from him.  This is what he looked like most of the time :)

I think this picture of the coast guard boat against Alcatraz is so cool.

Our hosts Casey and JD.

On the front of the boat there was nothing to obstruct the view, it was amazing, and windy.
Jason and I with the city behind us.
A little out of order, me and Jason in front of the boat.

I haven't got the pictures Sergey took yet, and this one doesn't compare but here is a pic I took of the blue angels.

Just driving the boat :)

Another lame pic I took.  It doesn't even do it justice.

I love this picture of Jason, he looks so rugged and sexy.
Coming back to the pier with lots of boats behind us.

Everybody: Sergey, Gigi, Jason, JD, Me, Casey and Chelsey.
Some of our favorite planes.

The Oracle stunt plane was so cool.  
The B2 stealth bomber was my favorite of the day.  It was totally silent until it went past you and it was SO thin.  Very UFOish.

The Blue Angels never disappoint.  It is amazing how close they fly in formation.

This was super cool.  The Osprey it is a huge helicopter/airplane, with propellers that tilt so it can take off like a helicopter and then fly like a plane.  It was  really cool to watch.