Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Michelle's Baby Shower and More!

A couple weekends ago was Jason's sister Michelle's baby shower.  She flew down from Seattle to be there. It was a fun and delicious brunch.  She got so many cute things for baby girl.  I can't wait for her to get here.  

Everyone getting ready for her to open presents.

The guest of honor.  She is so cute pregnant.
Michelle and Jan

The Miller girls

The Miller girls, plus me.

Me with my mom and sister.

  We were wanting to try some of the clothes on a baby and Max was the closest thing we could find.  I admit it was a little mean, but I just thought he looked so cute!  He was NOT happy.

Chrissy and her kids spend the night fairly often and when we went to check on them before we went to bed we found this.  I thought it was sweet.  Ollie is going to miss his cousins when they move back to NC.  
 Last week at preschool they had someone come and bring all kinds of different animals/reptiles.  Ollie thought it was pretty cool.

He got to pet a frog.

Max and I were allowed to come too!

Petting this crazy lizard/iguana.

Petting a snake. 
Friday night Jason and I were able to have a little date night.  We met our friends Stacie and Drew, and my parents at the temple that evening.  Afterwards, the four of us went to dinner at this delicious Thai place.  Since BJ's was in the same shopping center we headed over there after dinner for pizookies.  It was Jason's first and I think he is sold.  It was such a fun night.

Sunday Jason and I spoke in church, so I tried to make my life easier by setting the boys clothes out early.  We even had enough time for some pictures.  My mom use to match my sister and I all the time and now I see the appeal.  I love putting my boys in matching clothes.

Ollie was in a great mood, Max, not so much.
All my boys. What a lucky girl I am.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Weekend

Friday night Chrissy, Jason and I headed to the Ace of Spades in downtown Sacramento to see our friend Gina's band play.  When we first got there we could hear music from outside and it was, let say, very hard rock.  I don't know exactly what the kind of music is called but it was LOUD and there was a lot of head banging.  It was actually kind of fun to watch.  The next band was a little more mellow (but not much).  Gina's band, Some Fear None, was by far the best.  Their lead singer sounds a lot like Eddie Vedder (from Pearl Jam).  We had such a fun time.  I'm so glad we went.
Me and Jason waiting for the next band.

Gina rocking out.  She was the only girl in any of the bands.

Me and Chrissy, I don't know why I wasn't looking at the camera.  We also ran into a couple we know, the Narkers, while there.  They were there to see Gina too.  It was fun to catch up with them.

Saturday morning Janet, a hygienist I worked with in Los Gatos, came by for a visit.  She was in Auburn visiting a cousin. I am so glad she made some time to come see me.  I miss everyone from work and it was great to catch up.
Janet and me.
 Saturday afternoon we headed to Rocklin bowl for my cousins daughters birthday party.  It was Ollie's first time bowling.  He bowled one frame and was done.  I think we will have to go as a family when there aren't so many people.
Getting ready. 
Watching his ball.  I'm pretty sure he got a strike :)

Chrissy is turning into Letty, always wanting a pic of herself.  I can't blame her she is quite a beauty.

Ashley, Jack and Owen.

McIntosh ladies.

I loved having Jason home for 3 weeks.  It was sad to see him leave this week.

Ollie was trying to hide from me.
 Ollie has been pretty sick lately. On Friday he threw up (in the TJ Maxx parking lot) and was really out of it the rest of the day.  He just laid on the couch and watched movies.  I hate seeing him like that.  Saturday he seemed better for most of the day but by that evening he was pretty lethargic again.  Sunday brought another day of laying around and finally Monday he was mostly better.  He keeps having some digestive issues (I'll let you figure out what I'm talking about), but overall seems much better.  
Sunday Papa came over and hung out with the poor sick kid.  You know Ollie is sick when he willingly takes a nap.  
On Monday night our friend Chelsea had a Bachelor watching party.  I took my kids to my parents and they watched them while Chrissy, Ashley and I went over.  It was so fun to watch my guilty pleasure with such fun girls.  

On our way over.
All the ladies.  I know Chelsea's husband Matt really wanted to come out and watch with us (I'm not kidding), but he refrained.  We all wrote down who we think will be the final 3.  I can't wait to see who wins!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Our Sweet Little Oliver

Today was Ollie's first day of pre-school.  It has been a highly anticipated (mostly by me) for months now.  I wanted to start him in Sept but knew we would be moving so I decided to wait until we were settled in Auburn.  I just can't believe how grown up he is looking more and more each day.  He says the cutest things and has the cutest expressions.  My sister took a bunch of pictures of him the other day and I think they show off his goofy personality perfectly.  

 Ollie is in afternoon preschool so we pack a lunch for him.  He was pretty excited about his lunch.  He wanted his picture taken with it. 

 The free printable I found calls pre-school nursery school, so we will go with that.  
I had to let him do a silly pic before he would do a smiling pic.
We got it. 
Proud parents.  This is how Jason dresses when he is working from home :)
 When I picked Ollie up today and asked him how it went he said it was really fun.  He said his teacher is "really, really nice".  His teacher told me that he was really good and just went with the flow (most of the kids have been going since Sept).  I guess he really latched on to a little girl and was holding her hand and helping her with everything.  His teacher said he was quite the gentleman.  We love our Ollie so, so much.  He brings so much joy into our lives every single day.

Christmas in Idaho

As I mentioned before, we headed to Idaho early, early Monday morning.  The drive went much smoother than we expected.  Jason and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Steve Jobs biography, it made the drive so much more bearable.  We got into Idaho around 4pm Monday.  Most of the family was already in Island Park, but we decided to spend the night in Blackfoot and head up the next day.  Jason had a Miller Honey meeting and so I drove the boys up Tuesday morning and Jason, his dad and grandparents headed up a few hours later.  Jen rented an awesome cabin with lots of room for us all to spread out.  
Max, Ollie, Grandma and Ez having a snack.

Wednesday Ollie and I headed to West Yellowstone with Jason's aunt and cousins.  We watched a cool IMAX movie about caves.  Ollie really liked it, especially the popcorn we got.
Heading home after the movie.  It was snowing pretty good, and I was really glad Michelle was driving, not me.  I hate driving in the snow.

There was a pool table downstairs.  Jason and I played one game that we never even finished because it was taking us so long...haha, we are really good.
Sweet little Ezra.
The reason we all got together was to celebrate Jason's grandpas birthday.  Wednesday night we all got together for dinner and dessert.  It was great for us because we got to see almost everyone on that side of the family.   There were a lot of people and kids and they were all there because of these two.  It was a lot of fun.
Jen is seriously awesome.  She rented the cabin, planned Grandpas birthday bash and made a delicious tri tip dinner and dessert for the whole family.  Good job Jen!
We also had who-can-eat-a-pudding-the-fastest contest.  Jeff has some serious skill.   It was pretty hilarious.  I took video, I should put it on youtube :)

Ollie didn't participate, but he did enjoy a pudding.

Grandma, Grandpa and Gracie

Mike is seriously going to be the best dad.  He is getting so much practice with his nephews (and soon his niece).

I think this picture is so sweet.  Ezra and his great-grandpa.  

Mike (my arch nemesis) giving me the stink eye while we play games.  Mike beats me 90% of the time, but I still like playing games with him.

Playing games.  Racehorse rummy is the family favorite right now.

Wednesday night it snowed and then Thursday morning was SO windy.  Our poor Flex is not use to snow.  He got stuck :( 
Family picture before leaving the cabin.

On our way back to Blackfoot we stopped in Rexburg and ate lunch.  That place has changed so much in the 10 years since I graduated.  I wish I could have gone up when Letty was still there.  We also stopped in Rigby to see one of my very favorite roommates, Min, and her family. 
This picture didn't turn out too well.  Mins daughter Kaylee is just a few months older than Ollie and Camden is a few months younger than Max.  Our boys took no time getting comfortable and playing with every toys they own.  It was so fun to catch up with Min and Justin.  Min is in the process of getting her book out to many interested agents.  I'm really excited for her, she seems so happy, and really good at what she is doing.  She is going to be famous someday!!
The rest of the pictures are from the rest of our week in Blackfoot.  Ollie got a much needed haircut.  He is so good (and serious) while getting his haircut.  

My little flower.  

My boys were particularly active while we visited Jason's grammy and grandaddy.  Ollie demonstrated his somersaulting abilities.  

These two were too cute together.  Max would put what he didn't want to eat on Ezra's tray and Ez would do the same to Max.  It was pretty cute.

Isn't Michelle darling?  She is bringing the first girl into the family in April and we are all SO excited.  

Jen, Jan and Grandma Dallas.

Remember how I mentioned that Max is a mooch?  Ez was nice enough to share his sucker every time Max would come to him with his mouth wide open.

Almost every night we were in Blackfoot it was crazy windy.   Friday night the wind was mixed with snow and it was really cool.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  The snow was completely horizontal and it looked like confetti.  It was really cool.

We visited Jason's uncle Jay and aunt Jeanna.  Jay has cows and Jason helped feed them.  He is so tough and farmerish :)

This is how my boys looked most of the time.  Ollie just LOVES to be a "superhero" and his enthusiasm spread to Max and Ez.

Linda and Demery joined us for New Years Eve.  Demery is so cute and sang for us a few times that night. 
One last picture with the grandparents on our way out of town on Sunday.  We wish we could get up to Idaho to visit more often.  We always have such a great time and everyone takes such good care of us.  It was a great way to end our year.