Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day

I am not a fan of snow.  Living in 4 years in UT gave me all the snow I need for a lifetime.  Where we live now is nice because we can visit the snow but it rarely ever snows here.  Our friends the Burtons have a cabin near Sugar Bowl that they have invited us to a few times and we have never been able to make it.  This year after Christmas we decided to take them up on the offer to come play in the snow.  I was kind of expecting my kids (particularly Ollie) to not like the snow.  Ollie hates to be cold.  He surprised us though and LOVED it.  Max was the one who wasn't that thrilled with it.  It was a great day. 

On the way there the boys were holding hands.  I love when they do that.

This is one happy boy.


We do not own proper snow attire.  Luckily the Burtons had lots and they shared with us so my poor kids didn't freeze.

Max wouldn't go sledding, but he did like throwing snowballs.

Me and Shannon.

Jason and the boys.

Max didn't have snow pants so he got cold pretty fast.  Jason and I traded off hanging out inside the cabin with him.  He was a happy camper in there.

Thanks Burtons!  We had a great time and will come play anytime!

New Years Eve

Our friends Brendi and Rusty had some people over for dinner and games on New Years Eve.  Jason was not feeling well so I took the kids and hung out for a while.  It was so fun!  These people are the friends I grew up with and I just love them all so much.

Me and Chrissy.

Classic pose (for us), the pyramid.

Group pic.


All the kids.

I had to leave a little earlier than I would have liked because we were having a little get together with my cousins.  We played games all night and had a lot of fun, and I actually made it to midnight...yeah!!

I made a special drink for us all to drink at midnight.

Not our best picture, but the only one we took of us.


Things obviously got a little crazy as the night progressed.  

Sacramento Railroad Museum

For our nephew Owen's 2nd birthday we all went to the Sacramento Railroad Museum.  There is nothing little boys (and probably girls) love more than trains.  While my kids love going in the trains and what not, their favorite part is the train play area they have upstairs.  Max would have spent all day there if we let him.  We all had a good time.


 The birthday boy and his parents.

I swear they were happier than they look in this picture haha.  

We left the boys with my parents so Jason and I could go to dinner and then to see Les Miserables.  It was a really fun day.