Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So here are some pictures from our Halloween activities. We had lots of trick-or-treaters this year which was fun. I teased Jason for getting 3 bags of candy because usually we only get like 5 kids knocking on our door, but I guess he was inspired this year. Jason and I dressed up in our typical bee and bee keeper costumes. Lucky for us all the friends who had seen us in these costumes over the past few years are gone, so it was like wearing new costumes. I just haven't had the time or the desire to find new couples costumes for us. Anyway, we went over to Brooke and Max's and made a carmel apple, which Jason devoured as soon as we got home, I believe his exact words were "Man, I forgot how good these things are"!! Our friends Brittany and JP were also there and they had the best costumes. JP was a woman (he looked like a woman of the night, if you know what I mean) and Brittany was a man, a very white trash man. They looked AWESOME!!! After that we went over to our friends Adam and Darcie's halloween party. We don't get to hang out with them as much as we would like so it was really fun to see them and hear what they are up to. They just finished an album together, you can check it out on itunes. Overall we had a very fun night.
We carved a pumpkin on Tuesday night, once again we are so nerdy so we carved the Apple logo, it isn't so much that we are nerdy, just uncreative and excited for Jason's job!!
Here we are with JP and Brittany
Full body shot
Us with Adam and Darcie, their costumes were pretty witty
The bee stinging the bee keeper
Here is a picture of my cute sister, Mom and niece. Letty was an Indian, Mom was mother nature, and Lys was little red riding hood, I can't wait to be closer so I can be there for these fun pictures!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pre-Halloween Weekend

This past weekend was pretty busy. On Friday night Jason and I confirmed our nerdiness, and helped out at the BYU Leopard launch party. For those who aren't quite as nerdy, Leopard is the new operating system for Macs. It is pretty cool, Jason insisted that I watch a 30 minute video before he would install it on my computer, so I did, and I must say it has some pretty cool features. At the party I manned the Steve Jobs bean bag toss, there was also a Bill Gates dart board and other games. Jason just mingled with the nerds, he is kind of a celebrity with the computer geeks since he will be working at "the mothership" (Apple) when he graduates this spring. Then on Saturday Jason went and shot a bunch of guns with friends, while I studied for my last midterm. That evening we met up with Jenny and Jeff and went to Salt Lake where we ate at The Pie, a popular pizza place. After dinner we attended "Thriller" at the University of Utah. It is a dance performance put on by the Odyssey Dance Theater group. It was very entertaining. They had the performers wandering around before the show looking really creepy and scaring people. They especially liked me, I think it is because I get scared really easily, we would be in a group of people and they would walk straight up to me, I almost had a heart attack at least 10 times. Sunday we ate dinner over at Jenny and Jeff's, I must say, it has been nice having them feed us lately!!
Joe (a guy Jason works with) dressed as a leopard with Cosmo the Cougar
Me and Cosmo
This creepy guy snuck up behind us
This girl unsuccessfully tried to scare Jeff
Jenny and Jeff
Me and Jenny

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tagged--Facts/Habits/Embarrassing Moments

The rules: Each player lists 6 facts/habits/embarrassing moments about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people. Kalee tagged me so here I go.

First Fact/Habit/Embarrassment: I once saw a razzleberry pie and said to the person with the pie "Hmmm, I've never seen razzleberries in the store before, where do you find them." When my brain finally started working, I was so embarrassed.

Second Fact/Habit/Embarrassment: I hate hot water on my face. In order to wash my face in the shower I have to change the temperature to at least luke warm before I put my face under it. Jason CANNOT understand this.

Third Fact/Habit/Embarrassment: This one is about Jason. He has a thing for cold feet. He will come over and check my feet, if they are warm, he walks away disappointed.

Fourth Fact/Habit/Embarrassment: Another one about Jason. He has secret hopes to someday own a bakery, he loves bakeries. He loves fresh baked bread, in fact I think he is the only one who has ever used our bread maker. I know it sounds a little gay, but I think its cute.

Fifth Fact/Habit/Embarrassment: I eat ice cream EVERY single night. I love it. Mocha Almond is my favorite, but I'm pretty indiscriminate, as long as chocolate is somewhere in the mix of flavors. No wonder I can't get rid of those few pesky pounds!!!

Sixth Fact/Habit/Embarrassment: Jason and I go to bed together pretty much every night. This may not seem that weird but after talking with other married people I found it is. Sometimes I'm ready to go to bed before Jason, so he will come in and lay with me (sometimes until I fall asleep) and then get up and work on his project or whatever. Oh and I should mention this is at his insistence not mine, I tell him not to worry about it, but he insists.

I tag: Des, Ashley, Taryn, Renee, Kim, and Kelly

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I love Kelly Grace

Kelly helped a little with the title :)  Anyway, one of mine and Jason's best friends Kelly came to visit from Colorado this weekend.  We had a great time with her and hope she comes back soon, and brings her hubby and daughter.  On Thursday night we went over to the Reynolds to watch the office.  It was so fun to see them and their cute kids and beautiful new house.  We appreciate them letting us come over, and Becky was even nice enough to make Jason's favorite cake!  Friday night we went to the Aussie Pink Floyd concert again, this might sound familiar since we went last year as well.  We are big fans.  They sound JUST like Pink Floyd, which is cool cause all Jason's favorite bands are either dead or don't tour anymore so this is really fun for him.  Kelly and I enjoyed the show as well but I think we might have enjoyed the crazy people around us a little more.  Saturday Kelly and I did some shopping and went to lunch with some friends while Jason worked on the car.  Lunch was so fun.  For those who couldn't make it we missed you.  Because it was snowing so bad in CO Kelly couldn't leave on Sunday as planned, so we got to hang out longer.  We played phase 10 (which I technically won), watched Benny and Joon (cute older movie) and went to dinner at Jenny and Jeff's.  It was such a fun weekend Kel, come back anytime, I miss you!!!!

Kelly and Riley
Me, Becky, Riley and Kelly
I think this outfit is so cute on Riley!
The Reynolds family

Kelly and Jason at Cafe Rio before the concert
The Aussie Pink Floyd banner

Kelly and I at the concert, isn't her hair cute, she chopped 7 1/2 inches off
Jason and I at the concert
Steph, Kel, Brynn, Jacqueline, Ali, Anna, Me and Jen at Zupas 
Jen and I braving the cold
Me, Kel and Jen

Saturday, October 13, 2007


We just saw Hairspray (my 2nd time) and I just have to say I LOVE this movie. Definitely in my top 10!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Laid Back Weekend

Utah Valley University (aka: UVSC) has a culinary arts program, so each week they showcase a specific type of food and you can go to their restaurant called "Greg's Kitchen" and enjoy a five course meal. On Friday night Jason and I went with our friends Jeff and Shelley and enjoyed some delicious French food. It was really fun for me because I recognized most of the fancy ingredients from food network and we love trying different foods. It was really good and we look forward to returning to try other types of food. On Saturday we spent the day with Jenny and Jeff. We got massages, ate, watched some conference and ate some more. It was a really laid back and relaxing day. We also got to play with Jeff's brother's chameleon named Ben. I usually don't like reptiles but this one was so cute and fun. I loved it! If my kids want an animal, they can have one of these.
Jason and I at Greg's
Me, Jason, Shelley, and Jeff
Me and Ben
Ben likes to climb!
Jason and I on a typical evening, we are so nerdy!!!