Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's A...


I'm pretty sure most people know this already, but I have been feeling so guilty for not posting it on the blog. I was waiting for an ultrasound pic, but the one we got is too dark and I haven't tried to get one off the DVD. We are SOOOO excited! I wanted Ollie to have a little brother close to him in age, like I am with my sister. I feel like this baby is getting gipped because I don't blog/talk about this pregnancy ALL the time like I did with Ollie. But we love him very much already. Last night I was rocking Ollie and thinking about rocking both babies at the same time. I can't wait for him to come. Here is the pic we took right before the ultrasound, I was 19 weeks.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Hollow

Last week Ollie and I went with some friends to check out a Park and Zoo in San Jose called Happy Hollow. I have heard about it from lots of people, but it has been closed for renovations since we moved here. Well it is back open so we checked it out. It was a lot of fun. We are going back tomorrow to get an annual pass. Here are some pics from our fun day last week.

Ollie friend Loden and the Jaguar (the biggest animal they have).

I kept telling Ollie to hold Loden's hand, so he would walk over and grab her hand and they would walk together, it was seriously the cutest thing ever.

Only 21 months old and already making the moves on the ladies :)

There is a petting zoo there, Ollie really liked the goats.

He kept leaning down and saying "Hi" to them in the voice he uses to talk to babies (anyone that has seen Ollie the last month or so has probably heard this voice).

The water area to wash your hands was definitely a highlight for the kids.

It is a good thing Ollie has such a cute profile because that is all I seem to get in most pictures these days.

We look forward to going back and exploring all the other fun things to do there.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Tuesday after Chrissy and the gang left my Mom and Letty hung around so we could go see Wicked in the city. Since Jason was up North, two of my awesome friends helped out by watching Ollie. We got there a couple hours early and bought our tickets, then went and ate dinner before the show. When Jason and I went in LA we bought the cheapest tickets available, but this time we splurged. Our seats were awesome, ten rows back and center on the floor. It made such a difference. I loved every second of it. If you live in the bay area (or anywhere that it is playing) you should really try to get up and see it before it is gone.

Us across from the theater.

Eating dinner at the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro in Union Square.

Letty and I after the show.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Family Time

While my sister was here, we tried to spend as much time with her as possible and we had lots of fun doing so. Last weekend we came home on Sunday night because I work on Mondays. Tuesday and Wednesday were days for Ollie and I to do laundry, catch up with friends and repack to go home on Thursday. We left Thursday morning and met my family at the Sacramento Zoo. I was excited to take Ollie, and he really liked it. He just ran around from animal to animal. The Sac Zoo is way lamer than I remember it being which was sad for me. Oh well. Friday was pretty much the most relaxing day I have had for a while. Chrissy had lots of wedding stuff to do so I met up with my sister Letty for some shopping and lunch while my mom took Ollie and Alyssa to the park. Shopping without a time limit or a toddler is pure bliss!!! I always feel like I am so rushed, but that day we just took our time. Jason came in on the train Friday night. Saturday Jason did a 100 mile bike ride with a friend, and then that evening we attended the wedding reception of a friend I grew up with (the wedding Chrissy was maid of honor in), unfortunately I didn't take any pics. Sunday we went to church, took some family pics (while it poured rain), and had a big dinner with family and friends. On Monday I drove home with Letty, Mom, Chrissy, Letty, Nathan and Ollie. Jason stayed in Newcastle to work with his Dad in the bees Mon-Wed (we are trying to decide if bees are in our future). I took Monday off to hang out with the girls. It was really fun. Tuesday Chrissy, Lys and Nathan flew home to NC :( It was so fun having them here and now I miss them so much. Now for some pics.

Ollie and I with the Snow Leopard exhibit. All you Mac users should understand the significance of this picture :)

Ollie and I with a giraffe.

Our mascot in high school was the fighting Zebra, so here are the 3 LHS alumni with the Zebras.

Ollie and Lys giving high fives.

Ollie loved playing in this water spicket.

Letty and I.

The whole gang, minus Mom taking the pic.

Me and my little buddy.


Ollie loved playing with his Grandma Miller. From the second he woke up every morning he was searching and yelling "Gamma". They went on a few nature walks where they saw bees and a butterfly. Over the next few days Ollie kept wandering over the bush with the butterfly searching for it but it never was there, it was pretty devastating.

Lys and Ollie playing in his kitchen.

Ollie woke up from a nap my Mom put him down for after only 45 mins and all he wanted was Grandma, so we found her and he laid down with her for another hour, he is such a cuddle bug.

And of course there was a ton of trying to get Nathan to smile going on.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Check Below

For some reason my Easter post is below the Oceanside post, so scroll down to see Ollie really enjoying Easter.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Oceanside 2010

A couple of weekends ago we headed down to San Diego/Oceanside for Jason to participate in a Ironman 70.3 triathlon. We left Wednesday night, hoping to get a good headstart on the drive while Ollie slept...hahaha. Things did not go so well. Ollie slept for about an hour and then SCREAMED like I have never heard him scream the rest of the way. We stopped after driving only 2 1/2 hours, spent a miserable night at a Motel 6 and finished the drive Thursday. I was dreading it, but he did a million times better Thursday. We took our time and made some stops along the way. We got into San Diego around 4pm. We stayed with our very favorite, most awesome friends Dan, Ashley and Cal. They were so generous to let us intrude all weekend, and we had so much fun. Thanks guys!

Along the way we stopped to see this pimped out Flex. Jason had purchased an upgraded air intake from this company and we had to return something to them, plus Jason wanted to talk with the owner about his Flex.

Friday morning Ashley was nice enough to watch Ollie so Jason and I could go to the San Diego temple. It is seriously the most beautiful temple, I was so happy to get to go.

Friday afternoon we went into Oceanside so Jason could check-in for the race. Here is Ollie and Cal sharing a stroller. So cute. That evening we met Dan after work and ate in Encinitas. We also stopped at a ocean lookout, it was so beautiful. That night we turned in early since Jason (and Dan since he drove Jason) had to get up early to go to the triathlon. Since this was a half ironman distance we didn't get to see Jason until the end. And because it was sponsered by Ironman it was SO crowded. It was fun, but I think we will stick to the smaller tri's from now on.

Jason coming down the homestretch.

About to cross the finish line.

Jason and all his supporters. Not the best shot of Jason but he did just swim a mile in the ocean, biked 56 miles, and then ran a half marathon.

When the kids are away (or asleep) the adults will play...haha. We miss game nights with the Henrys.

We went to church Sunday morning, after a delicious waffle breakfast, provided by Dan.

Ashley and I with our boys.
After church we headed home. It took forever to get through LA (at 1pm on a Sunday). The traffic was HORRIBLE. I thought the bay area was bad, but it is nothing compared to LA.

Ollie did great on the drive home, he was such a trooper. It took us about 9 hours :( It was a great weekend though, and Jason did his personal best for that distance tri (5:41), and had a great time.

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Mainly because we got to spend it with family, well my family, I wish we could have been with Jason's family too :( My sister is in town from North Carolina with her two adorable children. She flew into San Jose and we spent a few days here at our place before heading to my parents in Lincoln.

These are a couple of pictures Letty took while she was visiting a couple weeks ago.
Ollie reading books while we shopped at TJ Maxx

Letty taught Ollie to blow the seeds off the dafodils

Ollie and I going to church

My adorable nephew Nathan.

Ollie, my Mom and niece Alyssa having a tea party.

Ollie "holding" Nathan

They call me the "Baby Whisperer"...jk

We had a little open house for my sister and Nathan on Saturday morning.

Me, Chrissy and Nathan (and Letty) before the open house.

Seriously, how cute is he?

My Mom gave Ollie his own piece of cake...pretty much the best thing he has ever eaten.

Look how much he enjoyed it.

He also kept running around the house with this paper bag on his head, what a goofball.

Mom packing Nathan around.

Happy boy.

Letty and I with some of our cousins at Easter dinner on Sunday.

Ollie loved the Easter egg hunt, he didn't really get why we were searching for eggs, but he had fun nonetheless.

Ollie with his entourage following him around.

"Eggs, go?"

Beautiful Lys.

Papa made sure Nathan didn't feel left out.

Lys was so sweet, she said she would collect some extra eggs for Ollie.

Family pic.


Our attempt to get a great-grandkid picture.

Ollie giving Carter a kiss.

Me, my sisters, and niece doing what we do best.