Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pre-Christmas and New Car

I figured I should get a pre-Christmas post in, since I usually have lots to post from Christmas.  We are in California with our families, having a great time.  We got our new car and we LOVE it!!!  We got it on Saturday, for the price we wanted, with all the extras we wanted (except a roof rack, which we decided we don't really need).  We love the Sync system, if you haven't heard of it, you should check it out.  Jason says it is the only good thing to come out of Microsoft in a LONG time. I am enjoying all the space and the smooth ride.  Jason is enjoying looking under the hood, ordering seat covers, all weather floor mats, and a hitch for the back.

On Friday we went to the Oakland temple to see the lights and a cool exhibit at the visitors center.  It was really nice to get out and see the beautiful temple.  Saturday night was our ward Christmas party.  There was a nice dinner and a cute little talent show.  Now we are just enjoying time with our families and the holidays.

Ollie in his "Ho Ho Ho" shirt

We missed getting his picture with the real Santa so we took it with his friend Alexander, who was dressed as Santa

Old car and new car

Us with our pimpin' ride (Jason thinks it needs 22's to really be pimpin)

In the visitors center at the Oakland temple

Outside the temple

What is a post without some random pics of our little guy?  Here he is completely turned around in his crib, looking like he is in jail (this was when he was suppose to be sleeping)

Loving his feet!

I found him like this the other night...I guess we will be getting crib bumpers :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Couple Videos

Here are a couple videos of our little guy.  The first one is of him playing with his newly discovered feet and the other is of him trying to crawl.  I apologize for my annoying voice, something about talking to babies really brings out the annoyingness.  

4 Months

So I am a total slacker and didn't post Oliver's stats from his last appointment.  We have been pretty busy lately.  I have been working a little here and there, and Jason is trying to wrap up his projects before the break since he is going to a new department after the holidays.  We are hopefully getting or Flex on Saturday, I am so excited to not have to put Ollie's carseat in and out of a two door anymore...yeah!!!

Weight:  14lbs 10oz
Length:  25 1/2 inches

I can't remember his head circumference, but it was pretty normal.  Here is a little about ollie in his fourth month.

-He is rolling ALL over the place (you will see below)
-He has discovered his feet and is obsessed with them
-He LOVES to be naked and no matter what mood he is in before, if you get him naked he is instantly happy
-He gives kisses (mainly just his open mouth on your cheek, but so cute and sweet)
-He gets on his hands and knees and lurches himself forward, I think he will be an early crawler
-He is a pretty normal sized baby, but his thighs are HUGE...it's a good thing he isn't a girl
-He is still a great sleeper at night, but totally STINKS at taking naps, we're working on it though
-He started rice cereal and was not so much of a fan, he did better with peas, he is still figuring out how to eat though
-We just love him, he is such a good baby and each day he learns new things and it is so fun to watch!

Oliver with his Dad before going out to dinner

To show you how mobile he is...he was on the blanket and then a couple minutes later I look over and he has rolled into the entertainment center, unfortunately for him he didn't know how to roll back so he was stuck until Mom came to the rescue

Ollie and Loden with their matching pink binkies, we were joking around and saying that they were "promise binkies" you know like promise rings :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Girls Gone Wild :)

I had a great weekend. My two sisters and my niece decided to come visit us, and since one of my best friends Stacie lives close she came down too. It was SO fun. I love these girls. We shopped, played games, and ate...yep that about covers it. Jason was such a good sport. He took Ollie and Lys on lots of walks, and generally just stayed out of our hair (probably more for his own good than for ours). It was a great time. And everyone left early enough on Sunday that we still got some family time in. I love Sundays.

Also since Ollie is now 4 months we have started him on rice cereal. I know now you are suppose to wait until 6 months, but I just don't produce enough milk to satisfy my little guy and our pediatrician said it is fine. It has been really messy and a little frustrating for all parties involved. Ollie is still getting the hang of swallowing his food. But we are seeing some improvements and I'm sure before I know it he will be gulping it down. If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. In other Ollie news, he is now rolling from is back to his stomach. He did it once while my Dad was visiting but it took him quite a while, but yesterday and today he has done it multiple times and gets faster each time. My baby is getting big :( Anyway here are some pictures.

We got our Christmas tree last week, at a little church by our house.  You would think we still live in Utah judging by the way we bundle the little guy up!

Ok rice cereal looks and smells nasty!  But I guess you have to start somewhere.

Ollie was more interested in the spoon and the bowl

I don't know if you can tell how messy he was but he is really messy.  In fact the reason his hair is up is because it has rice cereal in it (don't ask me how that happened).  He also has had a little bit of a runny nose so he just looks really scrubby, poor kid, who are his parents?

This child is the WORST napper, best night sleeper, WORST napper.  He sleeps for like 30 mins wakes up crying with his eyes closed, like he is not ready to wake up, so I cuddle and soothe him for about 30 mins and he eventually falls asleep again.  He slept once for 2 hours during the day and I about died!!!  Napping tips would be appreciated also.

Cousins watching The Incredibles together.  Alyssa is so good with Ollie, she loves to take care of him

Happy boy

Letty being cute.  On Saturday we walked to the park to enjoy the nice weather (have I ever mentioned that I love the weather here, cause I do).

Lys being cute at the park, she loved the merry-go-round

I love this picture of Stacie, hey guys, she's single :)

Chrissy is so good at getting Ollie to laugh 

Hanging out at the park

 (that is for you Stac)

Playing games

My two cute sisters

Jason and I striking a pose before church

Chrissy and Lys cuddling Ollie

Lys was practicing typing her name, I thought it looked cute with her little feet and her head sticking out from the computer

Me and my sweet boy


Thanks for coming ladies, lets do it again really soon!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving in Idaho

This year for thanksgiving we headed up to Idaho to spend time with Jason's family.  Both of his parents are from Blackfoot, so he has lots of family there.  We flew from LA to SLC.  We visited our friends (and old neighbors) the Burtons, and saw their sweet little baby.  We got to visit with lots of Jason's family in Idaho and introduce them to Ollie.  We had a great time, although by the end of our trip Ollie was ready to get home.  We had been gone a week and a half and his schedule was way out of whack.  Here are some pics from our trip.

Jared and Jason with their boys

Napping with Papa John

Hanging out with Great Grandparents

Great Grandpa Charlie

Cuddling with Uncle Mike

I'm so glad it worked out to take this 5 generation picture.  It is Jason's Great Grandma Nora, his Grandpa Neil, his Dad John, Jason and Oliver

He loves his Aunt Michelle

Checking himself out before church

We didn't want to haul a pack n play all around so poor little Ollie slept in the closet of our room.  Don't feel bad, when I was a baby my parents put me in a drawer, and I turned out great:)
All sprawled out

He loves to stand these days (with a little help of course)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Disneyland 2008

Ok, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I will start with Disneyland.  We left on my birthday and flew from San Jose to Long Beach ($39 one-way tickets...awesome), picked up our rental car and headed straight to Disneyland.  How lucky am I for getting to go to Disneyland on my birthday, I even got a cool button and everyone made sure to wish me a happy day. My family drove there early that same morning and were already in the park when we arrived. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening running around doing all the fun rides (since it was a Thursday and no lines).  The next day Jason had to work (from the hotel), the rest of us headed back to Disneyland.  We came back, ate, relaxed, picked up Jason, and went back to California Adventure until closing, it was so fun.  Then we headed back to Disneyland for the first night of the Christmas firework show.  It was amazing...truly MAGICAL!!  The fireworks were great and perfectly choreographed to the Christmas music.  Then we rode some rides until the crowds died down, it was a long night, but fun.  Saturday we shopped and then I met up with our old friend from the good ole Provo days, Jessica Bradshaw.  She met up with me, my Mom and sisters and we saw Twilight (which I mostly liked, but didn't agree with some of the casting choices).  Then we met the guys and watched the BYU/Utah game at a pub near our hotel.   Sunday some of us went to church and then we headed to Newport Beach.  Monday was another fun day at Disneyland, although much more crowded because of the Thanksgiving holiday, so we watched a lot of shows and parades. Tuesday morning we flew to Salt Lake to spend Thanksgiving with Jason's family in Idaho (more on that in the next post), while the rest of my family headed to Universal Studios and then home.  It was so fun to hang out with my family, and I know Ollie just LOVED Disneyland...jk, but it was so fun with Alyssa, she really did love it.  My pics are in the wrong order but I'm not fixing it, so they go from our last day to our first.

The fam watching the Pixar parade

I think we are going to have an early teether, this kid loves to chew on EVERYTHING including Mom's finger, and he is a drooling machine

Newport Beach, checkout all the drool on the Bijorn

This was Letty's idea, obviously she has done it before

All the kids

Newport Beach Temple

Jason with Ollie and Lys sporting their Apple attire

Ollie got to go in the pool for his first time, my Mom got him this cool floaty thing, he loved it, I think he might be the next Michael Phelps :-)

Chrissy with the "C"

Letty posing with the "L"

Hanging out with Mr. Incredible

Letty and Lys got chosen from the crowd to participate in the High School Musical 3 parade, it may have helped that we were in the front row and knew all the songs 

Main Street all lit up for Christmas

Sleeping Beauty's castle

It's a Small World all decked out for Christmas

Jason was pumped when he saw Buzz Lightyear, he thinks Ollie with like this pic in a few years

The kids with Minnie

Ollie's 1st visit button

Ready to have some fun at the "Happiest Place on Earth"