Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brian Regan

A few months ago I saw that one of our favorite comedians Brian Regan was coming to San Jose.  I thought it would be fun to go for Jason's birthday but I wasn't sure if he wanted to so I told him about it and we decided we would wait and see since I could be having a baby any day.  Yesterday at about 4pm we decided we wanted to go.  Date nights are just going to get harder with another baby so we figured we should take advantage.  I called a babysitter, we showed up at the show, and just bought tickets from people who had extras (Jason's favorite way).  We heard that he is even better in person and it was so true.  He was hilarious. And his comedy is clean, which we really appreciate.  His brother opened the show for him and he was also very funny.  You know the saying "knee slapping funny"?  Jason was actually did that a few times through the show!  We had a great time and have been quoting funny lines from the show all day.  If he ever comes to your town you should definitely check him out!

Brian Regan.  One thing that makes him so funny is his body language and facial expressions.

In the theater.

Outside the theater.  I realize these pictures are pretty much the same but they are the only ones we took.

In completely unrelated news, Jason's dad along with 4 of his buddies started a company about 10 years ago called Honey Stinger.    Recently Lance Armstrong signed on with the company and now is the majority share holder.  This is very exciting to Jason being the cyclist he is.  Here is a picture of Jason's dad (far right) and Lance Armstrong (far left).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Of This, Little Of That

Life has been busy.  The blog has been neglected.  Baby #2 is due in 3 weeks, I can't believe it.  I'm trying to soak in this time of us being a family of 3 before the dynamic changes. I am getting so excited though.  I can't wait to meet this little guy, and to see Ollie meet his brother.  Not to mention I'm feeling pretty ready to not be pregnant anymore.  Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

Hanging out in the back yard.  How cute is this little guy?  He always sits with his ankles crossed, he is so lady like.

I mowed the lawn for the first time in my life.  And I had a cute little helper.

Paul and Amy have been telling us about Mariannes Ice Cream in Santa Cruz, so we went.  They were right, it is delicious.

Letty has been babysitting for me while she is home from school.  It has been SO nice having her here a few days a week.  We went and saw our boyfriend, Zac Efron in Charlie St. Cloud.  He was totally HOT, the movie was ok.

While Letty was around, I took advantage of her help and we took Ollie to the Oakland zoo.  Here he is with the giraffes.

Ollie and I checking out the elephants.

We packed a lunch and ate at the zoo.

How nasty is the huge bat?  You should have seen it with his wings expanded.

Ollie and I with the alligator (way in the back).
 This past weekend we headed up North, dropped Ollie off with the grandparents and headed to Grass Valley for a little romantic weekend.  We started off Friday night at a yummy restaurant in Auburn, The Monkey Cat.  Then we checked in at our hotel.  Saturday was Jason's 30th birthday.  He started the morning off with a run, then we walked around downtown Grass Valley.  It is such a cute little town.  I was in heaven, there were tons of little bookstores.  I love bookstores.  Not Barnes and Noble/Borders type bookstores, but bookstores like the one Hugh Grant works at in Notting Hill.  In fact, it was really fun because Jason has been wanting to get Ollie this book that he liked as a kid.  Unfortunately, the book is no longer in print.  So we hit up a bunch of used bookstores and ended up finding it!  It was totally exciting :)  Saturday afternoon I scheduled massages for us.  A prenatal one for me and a sports massage for Jason.  It was HEAVEN!  We tried a yummy Thai place that evening and then rented a movie.  It was so nice to sleep in and just take off whenever we wanted.  But I did miss Ollie, a lot.  I called the grandparents like 10 times a day, just to check on him.  We went to church on Sunday and then headed to my parents for dinner.  It was a great weekend.

Welcome to Grass Valley!

A little over 8 years ago this cool guy I was dating brought me to this place on his motorcycle (it was Jason).

36 1/2 weeks.  Only 3 more weeks to go!!  And yes my shirts are no longer long enough.

Our room had a little patio.  We didn't use it much (actually just for this picture), but it was still really cue.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Jason the Ironman

Over the weekend we headed to Sonoma County/Napa area so that Jason could participate in the Vineman full distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run).  That distance is twice as far as his normal Half-Ironman races so he was a little nervous. Most of both of our families were able to come and support Jason (we missed the Whites, and Mike).  We rented a beautiful 7 acre vineyard in Windsor, Villa Terra Bella.  It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend.  Oliver's 2nd birthday was also on Saturday, so we celebrated it on Friday night so that Saturday could be all about Jason.  Jason did wonderfully in his triathlon.  Aside from a elbow to the nose, and a flat tire at mile 95, things could not have gone better for him.  He was able to keep up his nutrition and pace himself so that he wasn't completely exhausted by the end.  The place we stayed was right along the running course and within a mile of the finish line so we were able to see Jason and cheer him on along the way.  When we weren't cheering for him we were at the pool relaxing.   Jason finished the swim in 1 hour 15 mins, the bike in 6 hours 41 mins and the run in 5 hours for a total of 13 hours and 8 minutes.  He had hoped to finish within the 12th hour, and would have if he hadn't lost 15 minutes changing a flat tire.  Overall he had a great race and considers it a wonderful experience.  He is hardly sore and in fact he is on the roof of our house installing a new antenna right now, so I have a feeling this won't be his last Ironman. I just hope he doesn't plan on doing another one for quite a while, but if he does I'm pretty sure both families would agree that we would be happy to come spend the weekend supporting him in Windsor again. 

Welcome to our home for the weekend.
Within minutes of arriving we were in the pool/hot tub.

Some of us enjoying the hot tub.
Jeff and Eric invented a competition to see who could run the furthest on the pool mats. Here is Letty making a good run. I will save myself embarrassment and not post my video clip.

My cute mom.

Jan with her grand kids.
The property had a little playground for kids.
Friday we went to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery.  We had lunch in the restaurant Rustic, followed by a tour that showed how the wine is bottled and packaged.
The production line, it was so interesting.
After the winery we came back and swam.  I seriously love swimming, especially at this point in my pregnancy.
Isn't our nephew Ezra the cutest thing you have ever seen?  He is such a sweet, pleasant baby and we were so glad he and his parents came.
The hot tub is where we spent the majority of our time.  Ollie is not a fan of cold water.
Making posters for Jason.
Ollie warming up in our bed after his shower.
Lasagna dinner Friday night.
Ollie with his Thomas the train cake.  He wasn't quite sure what to think, he just knows that he likes birthdays.

Attempting to get a family picture.

He kept accidentally bumping his foot against his cake, luckily he is flexible.

That is one happy two year old.
Jason finishing the swim and starting the bike ride.
Finishing the bike, about to start the run.

Along the run course, looking good.
Ollie and I ran alongside him for a minute.

My aunt, uncle, and cousins came down Saturday to cheer Jason on.  Here is Ollie and his second cousin Carter playing.

Coming in the home stretch.
Family picture right after the race.  Doesn't he look good??

The excitement wore Carter out.

Jason with most of his supporters.  Jeff left to get a car to pick up Jason and his dad was volunteering at the event.
Jack and Ashley came to support, thanks guys.

Me with my Ironman, and Ollie on the monitor.

Ollie and grandma Wursten.

The property had a main house, a cottage and a couple private rooms.  This is the crew who stayed in the cottage.

Me and Letty.

Michelle and Eric.

My parents got Ollie this shirt.  It says "Your Mom, My Mom"...haha.

Getting a little hot tub time in before we had to leave this morning.

Ollie with both sets of grandparents.
Ollie got lots of great things for his birthday, including this lawn mower.  He loves it.
It was a fabulous weekend.  I had been looking forward to it for so long, I'm sad it is over.  I'm so proud of Jason and the dedication he put into training for this race, I'm also happy it is over so he can can tone down the training.