Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing New

So nothing new is going on with us. Life is kind of on hold until I take my National Board test March 25th. Right now my life consists of going to school, come home, study for boards, go to bed, wake up study for boards, go to school, come home study for get the picture. But I wanted to post today because as a friend pointed out, today is Feb 29th, Leap Day, a day that only comes once every four years, so I wanted to post something. These are some picture I meant to post the other week but it didn't happen. As many of you know, Jason and I have been trying to be a little "greener" (as much as poor college students can), so the first picture is of Jason utilizing the awesome bags his sister and her husband gave us. We have three of the, but we have never had to use more than two, and I LOVE grocery shopping. They are awesome. The other pictures are from yet another trip to Maestro's for gelato and crepes with our friends Jeff and Shelley.
Jason sporting the new trend in grocery bags
What a delicious crepe...I want one now and it is only 8:45am, this one had nutella and bananas
Jeff and Shelley reenacting their wedding day with gelato

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Solution to Cabin Fever

I LOVE three day weekends!!! This weekend we were lucky enough to spend some time in Driggs, Idaho where we stayed in a cabin with family and friends. Our weekend started Thursday night. I had to be in Salt Lake for the Utah Dental Association Convention on Thursday and Friday, so Jason met me up there Thursday night, and we went to dinner and spent the night in SLC. After the convention on Friday we drove to the cabin in Driggs. Jason's sister Jen and her husband Jeff planned the weekend. They rented a big cabin and invited lots of family and friends (about 20). Saturday almost everyone went skiing at Targhee (baby and I stayed home), and some went snowmobiling. Sunday we just hung out, played games, a little more snowmobiling and lots of eating. We headed back Monday morning so we could stop in Blackfoot and see Jason's grandparents. We had a great weekend. It was really fun for me because Jeff's family loves to play games, and so do I, so lots of games were played, in fact I haven't stayed up so late for so many nights in a long time. A big thanks to Jen and Jeff for putting together such a fun little getaway!

Me and Jeff's cute nephew Corbin, he is sooooo cute!!!
Testing out the goggles
Jen, Shannon, Lori and Corbin
Jeff and Ollie being rockstars, playing guitar hero
Jared and Mandy
Jamie, Jen and Jan
Jason, Jan and I before our snowshoeing excursion
Jason and I, isn't it gorgeous
Jason and his Mom
Jason, Jan and I, you can see the Tetons in the background
Jen, Casey, Jared, Mandy and Mike enjoying dinner
Danny, Jamie, Ollie and Renee cleaning up dinner
Mark, Jen and Jeff playing Ticket To Ride
Michelle and I
Ollie and Renee
Coleman, Casey and Mike

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

16 Weeks

So I am now 16 weeks pregnant, for those who don't live in "weeks" that is 4 months. I always hated the weeks thing when I wasn't pregnant, I think the only reason we do it is because 16 weeks feels further along to me than just 4 months, oh and that is just how they measure pregnancy, but whatever. I have done pretty well so far at not gaining too much weight (that is my major goal), but I'm afraid that is about to end with the discovery of the before mentioned gelato place, Maestos, that Travis and Kelly introduced us to. We have already been back and I want more everyday, not good! I did get my prenatal workout video in the mail yesterday, and I did it and today I am sore. I'm not sure if that is due to the lack of exercise from my first trimester or if it is just a good workout, we'll see. Anyway, we had another appointment today and everything is good. We got to hear the heartbeat again, which is just REALLY cool, I love it. We made our appointment to find out the sex of the baby...the big day is March 12th. We can't wait. We really don't care if it is a boy or a girl, we'll be so happy either way.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Our Trip To Ethiopia

Friday night we went and tried out Ethiopian food with the Zirkers. Travis came across this restaurant (which is really hidden), and they were kind enough to invite us to come along. The food was really good (except I didn't like the beet dish, mostly due to my aversion to beets). We ordered a huge platter of food, and it comes with the crepe-like things that you use to scoop the food up. There were no plates. It was a really fun little place. Afterward we headed back to Provo and visited one of Kelly and Travis' favorite gelato places (a place Jason and I have been meaning to try for some time now) called Maestros (it is on Center St in Provo, if you live around here you should try it). It was soooooo good. The gelato was heavenly and they also make delicious crepes and chocolate shot type thingys. In Europe after a meal, most people get a cute little shot of expresso, so it is like that but with REALLY rich delicious chocolate. It was a great evening! We love trying new kinds of food!
Outside the restaurant
The platter of food
Cute little chocolate shot
All of us at Maestros
Which of these pictures doesn't belong? Ok this is a picture of Jason before he attempted to ride on Saturday (the high was only 33 degress, but it was sunny so it was deceiving). His parents got him this sweet cycling jacket, he said that was the only part of his body that wasn't FREEZING!!! I keep assuring Jason we will be in CA soon where he can ride all year long!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tag I'm It


what is his name? Jason Stott Miller

how long have you been together? 5 1/2 years

how long did you date? About a year before we got married.

how old his he? 27

who eats more? Probably Jason, he is a major snacker!

who said i love you first? Jason

who is taller? He is.

who can sing better? I can, but I'm not very good so that is not saying much for Jason.

who is smarter? Jason for sure.

who does the laundry? Me.

who pays the bills? Me.

who sleeps on the right side? Me, as a rule, I always sleeps on the side closest to the bathroom when we travel and what not.

who mows the lawn? Someone else who lives in the complex, but when we have a lawn, it will probably be Jason, he did it for other people in High School

who cooks dinner? Me. Although the last 3 months Jason has really been pitching in. And he does the dishes so it is a joint effort.

who drives? Jason.

who is more stubborn? Me

who kissed who first? Jason kissed me.

who asked who out first? Jason asked me, on a blind date.

who proposed? Jason did.

who has more friends? I have more close friends, but the rest of our friends are OUR friends so we are equal.

who is more sensitive? Umm...definitely me.

who has more siblings? Same, we both have 3 siblings and we are both the oldest.

who wears the pants? I would have to say I do.

TAG- YOU'RE IT!! Meriel, Kate, and Marie