Monday, July 18, 2011

July Camping

Over the weekend we headed up to the Santa Cruz mountains for a little camping trip with Paul, Amy and Clara, plus Michelle and Eric.  We tried a new county park (Sanborn) and it was really nice.  It is only about 20 minutes from our house so that was nice too.  We spent two nights because I think camping is WAY too much work for just one night.  We kept it simple by bringing up take out on Friday and then when Michelle and Eric came up on Saturday they brought pizza, so we didn't have to cook dinner, it was so nice and convenient.  The whole weekend was just so fun.

Paul and Ollie sitting on a rock having a drink (Ollie doing his stinky face). "Mommy you like my happy face. My like my stinky face."

After the kids went to bed (which was kind of a challenge with Max) we got to hang out.  I pretty much hate this picture but taking it was so funny I decided to post it anyway. 

Saturday morning Paul and Amy made a delicious pancake breakfast, with sausage and eggs and tons of fruit, it was so good.

Ollie loved his pancakes, look at that full mouth.

Look at this cute little family.  Clara even turned to the camera.

We had all these rocks around our campsite and Ollie had a lot of fun crawling all over them. Another goofy face for the camera.

Oh Max.  This kid just loves dirt.  And rocks.  I feel like I spent all weekend fishing rocks, twigs, and dirt out of his mouth.

Pretty much anytime someone picked up Max it was like this, holding him far from their body because he was always SO dirty.
Even his biggest fan Michelle kept him at a distance :)

Isn't Jason the cutest dad with his boys??  Seriously!  On Saturday we went on a hike in the morning and a nature walk in the afternoon.  (Btw Max was asleep). 

I tried to direct Max to sticks instead of rocks (less of a choking hazard).

I just love this little baby.  

Jason packing up the tent on Sunday.

Our campground was a little way up the road from where we parked so they provided carts to bring our stuff from our cars to the campsite.  Here is Michelle and Eric posing with our kids.  I think I have mentioned it before, but I will say it again, Ollie LOVES his uncle Eric! He is a totally different kid around him because he is always SO excited.  Eric is so great with him.  It is really sweet.

The whole group before we headed home on Sunday.  We had such a great time.  We can't wait to explore a few more  campgrounds in the area before we move. Did I just say that?  More on that to come...

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July Weekend

We had a really great 4th of July weekend with friends and family.  I love the 4th of July and I felt more grateful than ever this year since my brother-in-law is overseas serving in Iraq.  I have always been appreciative of the sacrifices made by those who serve our country, and this year it is so close to home.  I see what my brother-in-law, sister, and their kids sacrifice, and sometimes it is really heartbreaking.  So thank you to all who have served and continue to serve so that we can enjoy this free country.

We started our weekend Thursday night.  I drove up to Newcastle with my sister-in-law Michelle and the kids.  The drive was great except poor Max cried the last 1/2 hour or so.  When we got there we realized he had a poopy diaper and he was FREEZING.  I had the AC on and it was blowing right on the poor little guy.  Yeah, I felt horrible.  Not one of my finest mommy moments.  On Friday we met up with some of our very best friends, the Evers at Lake of the Pines.  It was so fun to see them, I just wish Jason had been able to be there.  The weather was perfect and we had so much fun swimming.
Me, Jeff, and Kelly

The ladies.  Ashley, Chrissy, me, Kelly and my lovely mother.
My beautiful friend Kelly.
Grandma has the magic touch and got Max to take a little nap.

Jason and our brother-in-law Eric drove up late Friday night to avoid traffic.  Saturday we just hung out and relaxed.  And in the afternoon we went swimming at the Hancocks.  Jason has many, many good memories with the Hancocks and it was so nice of them to let us come swim.

Michelle and Nemo.

Ollie had tons of fun jumping in the water and being thrown around.
Jason and Max.

Me and Michelle.

Ollie LOVES Eric.  Later that night he told us "Grandma loves Shelley, and Ollie loves Eric".  It is pretty cute.

"Let me out of here!"
Later that evening Jason, the kids, and I went to my cousin Mary's little boy Jake's birthday party.
Lys and Ollie.
Me, Chrissy and Max.
Max is eating everything these days, including celery.  It was keeping him hydrated :)

After the birthday party, we took the kids back to Jason's parents, put Max to bed, then Jason and I went out to dinner.  We are so grateful to have family willing to let us leave our kids for a bit to spend some time together.
We tried a restaurant in Auburn called Latitudes that we have always wanted to try.  They have a normal menu that is always available, and then every month they have a menu with dishes from different countries available.  This month was South East Asia.  We both ordered from the SE Asia menu and really enjoyed it.  It was so nice to spend alone time together.

Sunday we went to church with my parents then had dinner with my whole family (minus Letty), Jason's family, and the Boatmans.  It was so delicious and fun to all hang out.
The whole gang.
Papa reading books to Nathan and Ollie.
Also Sunday night Jeff and Kelly, and their adorable kids came to Jason's parents house so they could see Jason, which was SO nice of them.  We love them so much and miss them a ton.  We hope to someday end up living close to each other.

Monday morning was the annual City of Lincoln 4th of July parade.  We were really excited because my mom was able to get Ollie and Alyssa a spot on a vintage firetruck in the parade.  We thought Ollie would love it but he actually HATED it.  They were in front of all the big firetruck who had their sirens on and horns blowing.  It was way too loud for Ollie.  Jason was with him and said it left his ears ringing. So Jason texted me and when they got close to us I ran and got Ollie off.  Next year we will just watch from the sides :)

While there we caught up with my bestest friends in the whole world (we missed you Megan).  I seriously love these girls.

Stacie loves being a creeper in our pictures.

Nathan, Owen and Max watching the parade.

My parents at the parade. 
I really love this picture of Jack and Ashley, so cute. 
I had to get one picture of them on the firetruck before I rescued Ollie.

Poor guy was pretty upset.

He was much happier to sit on the truck while it wasn't going.  I can't remember this gentlemen's name but he is the one who drove the firetruck.

After the parade we stopped by the Lions Club fireworks booth where my parents were working and got a few little fireworks.  We live in Santa Clara County and they don't sell fireworks here, lame.  We left to come home right after that and were home by 1:15pm.  We then had a few friends over for a BBQ and fireworks.  It was a perfect evening.

Paul and Amy with sweet little Clara.  She really is the most adorable baby ever.

Claire with her cute boys.  They are both looking at the camera!!

Me, Amy and Claire.

Watching our little fireworks.

The boys were way more into the poppers than any of the actual fireworks.  We will have to remember that next year.

My parents just got back from Isreal.   They got Ollie this hat (while they were in Boston) and he was wearing it around last night calling it his pirate hat.  And this is a huge breakthrough because when I asked him to smile for the camera, he actually did it!!

We hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Fun

We have been very busy having lots of fun lately.  Summer is in full swing here in the bay area.  Lots of hot days filled with parks, walks, bike rides, beach days etc.  I love summer.
Ollie has been really into making faces lately.  He will look at you and say "this is my naughty face", we tell him we don't like his naughty face, we like his happy face so he will transform and give us a happy face.  It is pretty funny.
Here is his naughty face.

Happy face.

Jason and Ollie have been anxiously anticipating the movie Cars 2.    Jason wanted to have a father/son afternoon so he started planning and talking it up weeks in advance.  They rode Jason's bike to the theater, met up with friends, got popcorn, and saw the movie.  Ollie was so excited.  When he got home I asked him if he liked it and he said it was "too scary and too loud".  

Ollie has been seeming entirely too grown up for me lately.  I can't believe he is almost 3.  He is now riding his bike really well.  His favorite thing to do is go on family walks around the neighborhood.  His bike doesn't have pedals so it helps him learn to balance.  He has really impressed us with his cycling skills.  It sure makes Jason proud :)

Ollie got a Buzz Lightyear sprinkler for his birthday last year and he really liked it last year, but he LOVES it this year.  It is also a big hit with his friends.  Lots of good opportunities to learn about sharing.  You can see it behind Ollie's left shoulder.

This little bug is as cute as ever.  Here he is patiently waiting for brother to finish swimming lessons.

Someone forgot to take the garbage out (don't worry these were brand new garbage bags).

Last week we headed to a beach in Aptos (10 mins south of Santa Cruz).  It is fun exploring new beaches and we really liked this one.  The weather was really nice and we had a great time.  Max dumped out a bag of Cheetos.

Ollie and Jason (his friend, not his dad) had tons of fun throwing sticks into the water and then retrieving them.

Seriously!?!?  How is that much cuteness possible? Jason thinks he looks like Mr. Fredrickson from the movie UP.

Max and one of his many girlfriends, Adalyn.  They are just a couple months apart.