Friday, September 23, 2011

Moving - The Details

Well our house officially closed yesterday Sept 22.  Now that everything is official I feel like I can share details.  For the past year, or so, we have been contemplating a pretty big life change.  As many of you know, Jason's dad is a 4th generation beekeeper (you can read about him in this newly published book).  I think beekeeping had always been a thought/option/idea in the back of Jason's mind, but we hadn't really considered it until Jason's dad began thinking about retiring in the next few years.  We thought hard and prayed about it, then decided it would be a good fit for our family.  Jason worked in the bees growing up and has very fond memories of his childhood.
So now it is official.  Jason will be leaving Apple at the end of January and working with his dad learning the business.  We are moving next month, so Jason will be working at Apple Mon-Wed then he will work from home Thur-Friday.
When I tell people down here about our move I get responses ranging from confusion about why we would leave a place like this, and a company like Apple, for a life of farming (the bee variety), to others who think it is the absolute coolest thing they've ever heard.  We are pretty excited.  The next year or so with be a year of big change and learning.  We will be spending our summers in North Dakota (where the honey is harvested) and the rest of the year in CA.  Soooo if anyone has ever wanted to visit ND (I know you've all been debating between Cancun or ND for your next getaway), now you know someone there!!  We also would love visitors in CA, we have a guest bedroom with clouds on the ceiling to lure you in:)  Please, please come visit!!
Now to the house.  In a (small) effort to keep my blog somewhat private, I don't want to post the pictures and address of our new house on our public blog, so they are at the following password protected link: Our New House
If you are interested in seeing the pictures, please call me, email me, or leave me your email address as a comment, and I will send you the password. Even if your a distant acquaintance don't be shy, I probably blog stalk you too!

Us in ND last summer.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Max Turns One Year Old!

I can't believe my baby is one.  Where does the time go?  We just love our little Max Max, he is such a sweet little guy.  The weekend before Max's birthday we headed to Auburn to do some more house stuff.  While we were there we went to the Gold Country Fair in Auburn and celebrated Max with the families.  

Ollie really enjoyed seeing the animals.  He even got to go inside and pet this pig.

Look at that cute smile.

Max was an angel that evening, just so pleasant sitting in his stroller.

They had a little puppet show that Ollie actually sat and watched for quite a while.
 Sunday our families got together to celebrate Max and Ashley's birthdays.  Max had his own little cupcake and throughly enjoyed it.

I love making a mess.

Proud parents.

Jason's mom also made a farewell dinner for Michelle and Eric, they moved to Seattle yesterday :(

Jack, Ashley, Owen and mom. 
I have kind of been obsessed with making chocolate cakes lately.  Mmmm I want one now.
 On Max's actual birthday we signed the papers for our house.  We will always remember the day.  
Here we are with our mobile notary, it was nice to do the signing at our house.  And it was really nice of Michelle to play with the kids so we could do it uninterrupted.  

Daddy and the birthday boy.

Final picture with Michelle and Eric before they moved (this picture was really hard to get).  I don't think Ollie totally grasps what them moving really means, otherwise he would be really sad.
Now we are just waiting final underwriting approval and the house will be ours.  We are having a room and a hallway painted, the whole house deep cleaned and the carpets cleaned.  Jason is also sealing the garage floor before we move in.  We will be moving up the last weekend in Oct.  We are sad to leave the bay area, but are looking forward the changes that are coming.  I will be posting pictures soon!