Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a really fun Easter weekend with family.  Jason's parents came down Friday afternoon and Michelle and Eric live here so we got to spend all weekend together.  Ollie loved Easter this year, and I loved planning stuff for him.  Holidays are so much better with kids!  Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Saturday we went on a walk to our favorite little farm and had a picnic.
Jason and Ollie.  For going on a walk Ollie didn't actually do too much walking.  He had 6 adults to hold him, well 5 I guess because I refused to do it, he is too big, when he is with me it is either walk yourself or sit in the stroller.  I know I am such a jerk.

Max and Grandma.

Eric, Michelle, and Jason.  Eric loved the double BOB and wants one now :)

Max with Aunt Shelley.  She has 3 nephews that she loves so much.  She is such a good auntie, we love her! 
I sure do love this guy.

Ollie checking out the pigs.  This is the look he gave me when I asked if he wanted to eat a part of that pig for dinner the next day :)

Max, Max, Max.  I am pretty much totally obsessed with this baby.  The one thing he has been doing that I don't think it cool is growing up WAY too fast.  He is crawling everywhere, and he is quick.  I have caught him multiple times standing up against things like the open dishwasher, or the couch, or this step, not cool Max, not cool at all.  It is so much more work having him this mobile.   
Ollie loved jumping off this stage onto a pile of hay he made.  It is a good thing Saturday is bath day!

Saturday evening we dyed Easter eggs.  I kind of thought it would be like craft day, where Ollie is into it for about 30 seconds and then moves on, but I was wrong.  He loved it.  He just kept dunking those eggs over and over.  I think each egg got dunked in each color about 5 times.  I loved watching his excitement.  

I love his profile, so sweet.  And that dimple...seriously I die!!

Very pleased with his egg.

It is a special day when I can get Ollie to smile at the camera, this kid on the other hand is so smiley.  You just glance his way and he shoots you the biggest smile, I love it.

This is what Ollie looked like by the time we were done coloring eggs, I should have started him out this way.  We called him Shrek the rest of the evening because his hands were dyed green.

Some of them actually turned out pretty good.  He dunked them so many times they were almost tie dyed.
 Sunday Ollie woke up to a basket from the Easter bunny (I didn't make Max one because he is only 7 months old and honestly he just doesn't care yet).  We try not to feed Ollie too much sugar so his basket had things like freeze dried peaches and 'organic' fruit snacks (because if they are organic they are obviously way healthier, I mean the first ingredient is organic cane syrup instead of sugar...way healthier   ;-)  He also got the movie Tangled (because he wanted it, not his mother, how dare you question my motives), and a much needed piggy bank.  He has been really into money lately and has been carrying a bunch of change around in a baggy, haha.  Now he has a giant plastic pig to put it in.  Later that morning we had a big egg hunt, just for Ollie.  Basically it went like this, six adults followed Ollie around while he repeated "I found one"excitedly every time he found an egg.
A little weary of the camera.

Pure happiness!  His eggs were filled with either jelly beans or money (pennies, nickels, and dimes), he loved it.

As I have said before dressing my kids in matching clothes is my FAVORITE thing to do.  They looked so adorable in their matching Easter outfits.

This is what I see in my face about 90% of the day.  He is always grabbing at something, usually my hair.  
Sunday evening after church we ate a delicious dinner outside, went on a walk, and just hung out.  It was a wonderful Easter.  Having kids has made me focus more on the reason for the holidays we celebrate.  I want them to know that their Savior loves them, atoned for them, and the miracle of his resurrection.  I just hope we can adequately teach them, what a huge responsibility!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wursten Family Pictures

We went home last weekend to spend time with my family.  My brother in law Dave was there on leave before he deploys to Iraq, my mom's sisters were in town from PA and Letty was getting ready to head up to BYU-Idaho.  These conditions made it the perfect time for a family picture since we won't be all together for a while.  My wonderfully talented friend Brendi took the pictures.  It was a little chaotic with five little kids but they turned out so great, we love them.  We took pictures with Jason's family a few weeks ago too, so hopefully I will have those to post soon as well.

Mom with her sisters.

My sisters, we are always laughing and having fun and totally not posing.


The original family.

With spouses, minus kids.

How cute are my boys?

Got to have a jumping picture. 
Isn't my little sister Letty so beautiful?

It seems like my parents are too young to have this many grandkids.  

This was a difficult picture to take, but this one turned out cute.

Ollie looks so grown up to me here.


What we looked like when we weren't posing.

Another one with everyone.

Grandkids in the grass.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

iPhone Pics

So many of the pictures I take these days are on my phone so I thought I should unload some of them.  Excuse the randomness of these pictures, but I thought most of them were too cute to not share. 
I love this little baby so much!  He puts everything in his mouth these days.

Self portrait by Ollie.  I love that cute smile.

For gourmet dinner club a couple of weeks ago my friend Jen taught us how to make sushi.  It was so fun and SO delicious.  Here I am with my custom roll. 

My roll had tuna, cucumber, avocado, and crab, it was delish!

Karen, Breanna and Jen.

Mallory, the tempura queen.


Max representing Jason's favorite local bike shop in Auburn.

This is how we do nap time on a warm, sunny day.

Beach day!  We love having Santa Cruz so close.  Ollie has always been a little apprehensive about the beach, and he doesn't really like to get too sandy.  Max was the opposite, he couldn't get enough.  Maybe he will be my beach baby. 
All tuckered out after a fun day at the beach.  I swear Ollie wears clothes, most days :)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ezra's Birthday

Nothing better than sitting on the couch watching America's Funniest Home Videos and updating the blog on a Sunday night.  Have I ever mentioned that AFV is one of my favorite shows?  Well it is, non stop laughs the whole hour long.  Anyway, our sweet little nephew Ezra turned 1 in March and they came to CA to celebrate.  It was such a great weekend.  The weather was crappy, but we managed to still have a lot of fun.  The only bad part about was it left us wishing the Lee family lived much closer :(  Here are some of the things we did.

Jenny is the cutter of my kids hair.  She steps up when I am to wussy to do it.  This is right before Max's first haircut.  He is about 6 1/2 months old.   

He did his best to sit still, it was very difficult.

Ahhh that little face just kills me,  I love it!

Michelle was very happy that Ollie chose her to cuddle with while watching Shrek (Mike doesn't seem too heartbroken).  It was a monumental day in her life, I'm sure it won't be forgotten anytime soon :)

After his haircut.

A bunch of friends got together to celebrate Chrissy and Evelyn's birthday.    

Me, Tammy, Chrissy, and Stacie.

Me and the birthday girl.

Me, Chrissy and Tiffany.

All the ladies.

Jason got a new triathlon wetsuit.  Doesn't he look like such a tough Ironman in it?  His next Ironman is May 7th in St. George, the race isn't sold out yet, so come join him if your in the area ;-)

Ollie woke up from his nap and was super cuddly so he laid down with grandma and put her to sleep. 

While I'm posting sleeping pictures, here is one of Jason and Max, so sweet.

And finally, here is the birthday boy.  He is such a happy little guy.  Seriously, such a pleasant kid.

Look at that big smile, he is ready for cake.

He shares the birthday month with his dad, how sweet.

Got to have the dirty hand picture.  He was actually pretty clean about it.

My favorite thing about getting together with family is playing games.  Good times.