Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas Tree

A couple weeks ago we headed out to get our Christmas tree.  We saw signs for a tree farm close to our house and decided to check it out.  When we first drove up the long driveway we thought we were in the wrong place since there were only a handful of trees in the field, but then we realized most of the trees were grown on the backside of the hill.  We found a nice tall tree and the boys and I  had fun watching Jason cut it down.  This place really made the whole experience really fun.  They had Christmas music blaring everywhere, hot apple cider, Christmas coloring books for the kids, and they even sent us home with a Christmas ornament.  They also had a picture of Auburn from 2 years ago when it snowed (and actually stuck).  I decided that while I am NOT a fan of living in the snow, a light dusting around Christmas time might be kind of fun, fingers crossed.

The lumberjack and his boys.

Action shot.

Luckily this place was only a few miles from our house, because I'm pretty sure this wasn't a DOT approved method of tree transport :)
We were so excited this weekend to have one of Jason's (ex) co-workers, Heidi and her husband Lance come visit us.  Everyone says they will visit, and we love when people actually do.  They are preparing for a trip of a lifetime.  They are both quitting their jobs and traveling the world for the next year.  I am so excited (and slightly jealous) for them.  We were glad they took some time to visit us before they leave.  They came Friday evening, and we had dinner at home and just chatted.  Jason roused us up on Saturday morning for a little walk/hike near our house.  I almost don't want to mention what happened next, especially because I already blogged about Jason roping our friend Paul into doing home projects with him when they visited, and I fear people won't visit because they are afraid we will put them to work.  We purchased a large dining room table on Craigslist that we had to pickup on Saturday, so Jason and Lance headed to Roseville to load it up and bring it back.  While they were out Heidi and I took the kids to Jason's parents house and we picked mandarins.  After that we met back up with the guys and headed to breakfast (by that point it was more like lunch) at a Edelweiss, "Home of the super omelet."  It is quite the place.

This was my hot chocolate, it was seriously good.  And also doesn't my hand/arm look really big and weird in this picture?  And last but not least, see that guy in 1900s garb in picture behind me?  He is an actual regular customer at this place, who comes in so often they put his picture up.  And guess what, he was there in person and dressed just like that.  It was a treat to see :)

There were lots of pictures of wolves.  It reminded me of something my friend Jen pointed out on her  blog.
Since grandma requested a little more time with the kids, we headed to Old Town Auburn to walk around a little.  I really love all the little shops.  

We had to get a picture with the miner man in his Christmas hat.  

When we went to pick up the boys we found them on the four wheeler in the mandarin orchard (and I wonder why they never want to leave grandmas).  It was a beautiful day.  Doesn't the persimmon tree look kind of cool?  
Fun with Grandma and Papa Miller.

I just love my little Max, such a happy boy, most of the time.

Later that evening we headed to our church Christmas dinner.  Thanks so much to Heidi and Lance for visiting us even when they had tons to do to prepare for their big trip. 

I also wanted to add, for our old Provo friends out there that we got together with Brian and Callie Hill last night.  I intended on taking a picture but of course forgot.  It was really fun catching up with them and meeting their two cute little girls.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

 Blogging is a lot harder this time of year since there is so much going on.  I feel like I have to be really on top of things, which I am not the best at.  So here it is, picture overload, as I wrap up Thanksgiving so we can begin the Christmas festivities.  One thing I love about blogging is that even though most of us post the same things (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), it is fun to see everyones traditions, food, etc.  I love it.

As I mentioned before, Jason's family was all in town for Thanksgiving, so we had our main meal over there.
Michelle and Eric now live in Seattle so these rain boots are a must.  Max just had to try them on.  They were almost as tall as he is.
Here he is hamming it up for Michelle.  Seriously this kid is TOO CUTE!

Jan's beautiful Thanksgiving table.  Jason's dad grew everything on the table centerpiece.

Ez enjoyed an after dinner, pre-dessert snack of whipped cream.  Yum.

Ollie misses Shelley and Eric.  Michelle and Ollie re-bonded over Shrek.
After dinner at the Millers, we headed to my aunt Cheryl's house and caught up with my family for dessert (and a few bites of their thanksgiving feast).
Me, Kim, and Maggie watching everyone play a dance game on the kinect. 

Family pic.  Max was spent by this time.  He is going to be bed between 6-7 pm every night and sleeping a solid 12-13 hours.  He is a good little sleeper.
That night some of the family came over and played games.  Matt was a good sport hanging out with the ladies.  That is what you get when you marry into a family of 6 girls and 1 boy.
It isn't a family get together without and ugly face picture.  Letty is seriously setting the bar in the ugly face arena.

On Friday morning some of Jason's family and some of my family met at our house for a nice walk.  We live right by some really nice running/hiking trails. Originally, I wanted to hike down to the American river which is just about a mile down from our house, but it's pretty steep.  Instead, Jason went on a run that morning and found a nice little walk with just the right amount of uphill/downhill.
Heading out. 
Ollie holding onto Mike for dear life.  Ollie isn't really a fan of riding on shoulders (he is kind of a wuss). 

My seriously beautiful little niece and her lambs ear.

Friday evening we headed to my parents to help decorate their Christmas tree.  It is kind of a tradition for us all to get together and do it.  It gets a little more chaotic every year.  

The grandkids were a lot of, wait for it, "help"...haha.

Jack and Chrissy reminiscing.  

Me, Jason, and Owen.  

Ollie and Nathan playing games on our phone.  I'm a lot more wary to let my kids play with my phone since Max dropped mine at IKEA and shattered the screen.  I was very sad.  

Being silly.
Saturday morning my family headed to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery.  I remember going there as a kid.  It is fun to watch the salmon and trout jump up the ladders.  We also watched an interesting video about how they are helping to save the fish.  Normally we feed the fish but this time we were out there as the fish were being fed so we just watched.

Mom and Ollie.

Me and Jason.

Ollie doing his stinky face.

Jeff had been sick most of the week, we were glad he was feeling better Saturday so he and Ez could come with us. 
Chrissy and her kids.

Max is such a little love bug.  Here he is cuddling with Papa. 
I was slightly embarrassed when I saw Max's socks, but seriously getting out of the house is always a mad rush and I didn't have time to change them.  He doesn't seem to mind.
Jen got the boys matching jammies.  They were so cute.  Here is our attempt to get a pic of the three grandkids on Jason's side.
Max was upset and that upset Ezra, he is such a sensitive little soul.

I won't tell you how many pictures we took, and this is the best I have.  Three adorable boys.  We can't wait for Michelle to add the first girl to this bunch!!

Me and Jen, I wish Michelle had still been there.

Whew, I'm done! It was such a fun week.  I am very grateful to Apple for giving their employees the whole week of Thanksgiving off, it was really nice to have Jason around.  Now we are looking forward to Christmas!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miller Family Breakfast

All of Jason's family has been in town for Thanksgiving, which has been so nice.  On Wednesday morning we invited everyone over for a crepe breakfast (if you haven't noticed crepes are my current culinary obsession).  We really miss Jason's family.  It was so fun when we all lived in Utah and would get together for family dinners and what not.  I miss that alot .  It was fun to have everyone over to our house since it was the first time most of them had seen it.

Happily making crepes.  I try new crepe recipes a lot and I think I found my new favorite.

Everyone enjoying their breakfast, except Michelle :)

Jenny and Jeff.

And their adorable offspring Ezra.  He loved playing with the tools.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Party Time

Last weekend I turned 29, as in one year away from 30.  I'm actually fine with aging (Jason says that will change when I hit the big 3-0 but we'll see).  For my birthday I went to dinner and shopping with my sisters (except Letty).  On my actual birthday our families came over and we had an ice cream party.  It is always fun to get together with the family.  Jason spoiled me this year and I am now blogging from my new Macbook Air.  Jason is the best gift giver!

Since all the kids were in their jammies, we took the opportunity to get a picture of them.

Blowing out my candle. 
Ice cream with all the fixings.
 The day after my birthday was me and Jason's 8th wedding anniversary.  My parents and sister were so awesome and kept the kids over night for us.  We dropped them off in the afternoon and then went furniture shopping (boring I know).  We ate at a really good Turkish restaurant.  We were going to go to a movie but didn't want to spend $11 each so we hit up Lowe's and got a red box.  It was so nice.  I love Jason so much, he is such a good match for me.  I seriously lucked out.  

The only picture we took on our anniversary.  Don't worry Jason got a haircut the very next day.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our First Visitors

Last weekend some of our favorite friends came to visit us, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  I didn't want them to leave.  Paul, Amy and Clara drove up late Friday night, we gave them a quick tour of the house, chatted for awhile and then headed to bed.

Saturday we took them for a walk around our neighborhood and showed them the surrounding views.  We also checked out an open house and discussed what house they should buy to live right by us :-)  After that we headed to Downtown Newcastle and ate at the Cheese Shop (the Rat Trap sandwich is a favorite of ours).  After that we headed home to give the kids naps, while Jason and Paul headed to Home Depot and worked on a few house projects (hopefully Paul will want to visit again after Jason put him to work).  That evening we walked around Old Town Auburn and ate in Downtown Auburn.

We were able to fit all 7 of us in the Flex.  Max and Clara were alone in the back, it was so sweet.

Paul and Amy are lawyers so they both really liked the Auburn courthouse.

Group picture in front of the mining man.

I love this picture of Clara.  It sums her up perfectly, ridiculously cute, dainty, and just an all around happy, sweet baby. 
I hadn't walked around Old Town in a long time so it was really fun for me.  There are the cutest little shops, and quite a few restaurants we want to try.

Keeping warm by the fire pit in Downtown Auburn.  We ate at Sums Mongolian which everyone must try at some point.  Delish.

My handsome boy at church.  I'm sad to say I cut Max's hair, and I didn't do a very good job.  Luckily it seems to grow pretty fast.

Thanks for visiting us Nash family, we had tons of fun and can't wait for your January visit :)