Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sisters Rock

My sister and Alyssa came to visit us again, and this time they brought my other sister Letty. It was so fun. I love my sisters, and my niece. We have so much fun together. On Wednesday they met us at our church's park day, which Alyssa loved because she loves to play. Wednesday was Chrissy's birthday so I decorated our apartment, made her a cake, and we took her to dinner. Thursday Letty and I went running, then we went shopping and to the park by our house. That night we tried some recipes that Chrissy wanted to learn to make (mushroom crab melts and asparagus roll ups). Now that she is married, she can't wait to be all domestic. Friday we ran a few errands and then laid out by the pool at our complex. It was SOOO nice. Have I mentioned how much I love CA? Forget the fact that we had an earthquake on Monday ;-) Friday night Chrissy and Letty watched Ollie so Jason and I went to the Oakland temple together, it was so nice.

Anyway, my sister and her family are officially moving April 9th, I'm so sad. It was great to get to hang out one more time and I can't wait to go visit them really soon. Here are some pics of Alyssa and Ollie (cause honestly they are the only ones we took pics of). I should mention that each night while we were playing, Jason was setting up Chrissy's new computer, and replacing her brakes. He is seriously such a stud, I'm a lucky girl.

Best friends/cousins

We let Lys feed Ollie one night, she did a great job...

Ok maybe not but they had fun

Ollie was tuckered out after a day of shopping

Happy boy at the pool

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camping at Big Basin

This weekend we went camping with our friends Andy and Marissa at Big Basin State Park. It was Ollie's first camping trip, and I think he had a lot of fun (he didn't exactly say so but I know he did). We left Friday after everyone got off work, and after I got back from Pinkberry with a friend (I know, my life is so hard). We got up there around 7:15 pm, set up our tents, drank hot chocolate, played a card game and then headed to bed. In the morning we made a delicious breakfast of pancakes and eggs with no bacon (Jason left the bacon in the fridge which almost ruined the trip). We lounged around and then packed up our stuff and explored the park for a bit. We had planned to spend the afternoon hiking but it started raining, which was why we didn't stay another night. It was really fun, minus sharing a sleeping bag with Ollie, he is a wild sleeper. We really love camping and we can't wait to go again.

Jason and me

All of us (except Ollie) before bed

Ollie loved the tent, he was so excited when he woke up he just crawled around forever, squealing and having fun

Ollie and Marissa

The guys preparing breakfast

Inside one of the huge redwoods

Fletcher (our car) did not let us down, we packed him so full. Can you believe all the stuff for one night?

And here are some pictures of Oliver. He is just such a busy kid, seriously, he is a NON-STOP mover. We love him so much. He is tons of fun and brings us so much joy every single day! I have been working a day or two a week starting a couple weeks ago, and although I am glad to be practicing, I seriously miss him so much on the days I work. He is my little buddy.
The dishwasher is pretty much the coolest thing he has ever seen, he LOVES it!

I call this one "Patiently Waiting", the second he hears the water running he bolts to the bathroom and waits. I LOVE his cute little bum and chunky legs.

This picture cracks me up. I had just gotten him dressed and usually the second I am done (or while I am dressing him) he turns over and crawls off, well this day he just laid there. This is so rare for him that I left the room to get the camera and when I peaked back he was in the same position. Funny boy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lets Be Honest

I was talking to a friend the other day about how perfect peoples lives seem on their blogs. Kids are cute and happy, houses are clean, fun is being had etc. I can totally see how it happens, we only blog about the noteworthy events and moments that happen in our lives. Well I'm going to try something different today, because today is one of those days I would NEVER blog about.
Here is my house RIGHT now:

Here is my baby RIGHT now:
And yesterday:
And the day before:
I would take a picture of me right now at 1:04 pm, not showered, greasy hair, unshaven legs, dirty shirt, but I will spare you (and me the embarrassment). So there you have it. Not everyday in my life is fun, and totally awesome, but I still love it!

Monday, March 09, 2009


My sister and her family are moving to North Carolina soon (so sad), but she has had some free time lately so she and Alyssa came to visit. It was so fun to have them here, we loved it. I was able to get some things done that I couldn't do with the baby, and it was just nice to have people to hang out with all day. Unfortunately, it was rainy most of the time so we didn't get to spend as much time outside as we wanted, but we did find a few hours of sunshine one day. Our friend Stacie came down the last night they were here and hung out and stayed the night. It was so fun, here are some pics.

Ollie got in the cupboard and dumped out the oatmeal. It looks like the is saying "Is there a problem"?

Swinging at the park

I love that face Ollie is making

I love these kids

Me and Lys by the ducks


Ollie was cuddling with Chrissy and Lys

Ollie hardly ever spits up anymore, but Chrissy plays hard so he usually gets her
The day Chris and Lys left, we flew out to Salt Lake for Jason's sister Michelle's wedding. It was such a nice weekend, and a beautiful wedding. We are so happy for Eric and Michelle.

Ollie and Grandma. Eric's mom made the cute bow tie and cumberbund (which you can't see, but it was so cute)

Doesn't Michelle look gorgeous? I loved her dress!

Ollie with Jason's grammy, she was so cute with him

Me and Jason

Me and my cousin Chelsea, she and Michelle have been BFFs forever!

While in Utah I arranged a mini school reunion, here is a pic of most of us who were able to go, it was so good to see everyone, it felt like we had never been apart

After lunch Shelley and I went to visit our friend Annelise who just had an adorable baby boy, Landon. He was so TINY!! I forgot how little they are at first!

Then we went and visited our friend Jared, Shannon and Jamison. Jason and Jared grew up together and are cycling buddies

All of us
Oh my goodness, I can hardly stand the cuteness!!! I got Ollie this little suit, isn't it adorable?!?

"Seriously Mom, more pics"?

My cute boys (not the best shot of Jason)

Also while we were in UT Ollie got his first haircut by his Aunt Jen, his hair was just getting so long

I held him down, Jen cut his hair, and Grandpa John squirted water in his mouth to keep him occupied
He did great! It was such a fun weekend. We really miss being close to Jason's siblings :-( Hopefully someday we will end up closer to each other.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Open House...and other random things

My sister Chrissy got married in January, and on Friday night they had an open house/reception.  Ollie and I drove up Thursday to help get everything ready.  Since Jason would have missed it by the time he drove up there, he didn't go.  The open house was so nice, and there were tons of people.  I didn't get too many pics and the ones I did take are over exposed because Jason was messing with the settings on our camera and forgot to fix it before I left, so sorry about that.  I will put more up when I get them from other people who took pics.

The rest of the pics are just random pics from recently.

The fam before it started (minus Jason and Lys)
Chrissy and Ollie
Aunt Teresa, Lys and Alicia arranging the flowers
Ollie loved Grandpa's glasses
Is there a problem?
Chrissy and Alyssa
Letty was holding the cake on the way home and it started sliding around, her only option was to grab it and hold it in place...sad

Ollie asleep in my jacket at Stake Conference
Our freezer right now...I really hope it doesn't break or something
Really happy about the mess he made
Chewing up receipts is hard work, he was spent (I love how the receipt is still gripped in his hand)
I can't even stand how cute he is...I'm obsessed