Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ollie Crawling

So basically Ollie can crawl.  He doesn't do it for long and doesn't go far, but he can do it.  He does it a ton until we want him to, so we had to tempt him with paper and the computer (I guess he is going to be like his Dad).  This is for the Grandparents.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Just thought I would do a quick update.  We haven't been up to much lately.  Just trying to fight off these nasty colds that keep trying to get us.  Last Friday Ollie and I met up with some of our friends from the new mothers group we use to go to.  We went on a nice walk and then had breakfast/lunch at Stacks...delicious!  Then on Saturday we went to the farmers market.  I have been making Ollies baby food so we got some fruit and veggies so I could make him some more.  Then Jason's parents came down and we went on a hike.  The weather has been totally awesome and it was so nice to get out.  Since we had babysitters, Jason and I took advantage and went to dinner and a movie...thanks John and Jan!  We have some fun things coming up so stay tuned!

Ollie and his ladies (he is the only boy)

This kid loves to have his clothes off, he is always so happy when we let him roam around free

Lovin' his rice cereal.  So far his favorite foods are sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples and pears


Hiking, isn't that a pretty view, just to the right of us you could see the whole Silicon Valley

Ollie has learned to sit up so now sometimes when he is suppose to be napping, I find this

He is so cute when he sits up, and he loves to do it, I just can't believe how big he is getting 

Friday, January 16, 2009


I have never really been into yoga, so I don't know how Ollie learned downward facing dog.  Such a funny boy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't Be Jealous

Okay, don't be jealous, but this is our forecast for the week.  I love California!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. White

My sister Chrissy got married on New Years Day. It was a very nice, intimate wedding. Chrissy and Dave wanted a small ceremony with close family and friends (she didn't even want a wedding dress)! Dave had to leave the next day to go back to Virginia, he is in the Army. He gets back in February and they will have a reception at that time, before they move to where ever he is assigned (he doesn't know where yet). After the ceremony we went to Orchid Thai, Chrissy's favorite Thai restaurant. It was delicious. I am so happy for Chrissy and Dave. It is so cute because Alyssa said to me the other day "You, Jason and Ollie are like a little family, just like me, my mom and Dave." And Chrissy said Alyssa called him Dave and then said "Oops, I mean Dad." So cute. Congratulations guys, we love you.
The White Family

Letty and her boyfriend Zach

My brother and sisters and me

The families

Lots of my oldest friends were there, it was fun to catch up

Me and the lovely bride

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Time With Family and Friends

Since we were home for almost two weeks we got to spend lots of time with our family and friends, which was totally awesome!!  My extended family always takes a little trip somewhere close by right after Christmas.  This year (and last year) we went to San Rafael.  The first day we went to China Camp State Park and did a little hike.  At the end there was a beautiful view of the city (San Francisco).  That night the adults went out to eat and the kids stayed in and ordered pizza.  The next day we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a clear day, which is unusual in SF, so we could see the city perfectly, it was so pretty.  We then headed home, stopping at In n' Out, and the Vacaville Outlets on our way.

A couple of nights later Jason and I met up with some of our friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  I love catching up with friends! I wish more people were in town, we missed you all, maybe next year.  And then a few days after that we had a game night at my parents.  It was so fun, I love my friends and wish we all lived a little closer.

Me, Jason and Ollie after our hike, you can tell Ollie really enjoyed it!

All the "grown ups" I still don't really consider myself one

A view of the city from the Golden Gate Bridge

Ollie is already like his dad, a car guy

Cousins playing sweet

Lovin' him some feet

Me, Brendi, Ashley and Austin

Chris, Megan and Willow, Jason and I, Brendi (minus one sick hubby), Ashley and Austin

All of us outside the Cheesecake Factory, it was so foggy that night

The ladies

Me, Ollie, Stacie, Brendi and kids

One of the days we were home we visited our friends Scott, Amanda and Simon at Scott's chiropractic office, thanks for the tour guys!

Ollie and Simon are 2 months apart, here they are getting acquainted 

Megan, Stacie and I after game night

Failed attempt (except Letty who is a pro at these pics)

Success finally (I won't tell you how many times it took to get us all off the ground)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas with our families.  It is always a very busy day because we are trying to divide our time between families (now that we have Ollie it is even more important). We spent Christmas Eve at my parents, so we did Christmas morning there. After opening presents and a yummy breakfast, we headed over to Jason's family, where we opened more presents. We then got ready and headed to my aunts for lunch and the annual white elephant gift exchange. After the gift exchange it was back to the Millers for dinner. It was a great day, we love our families so much!

Our little family on Christmas

Our friend Jennie made this adorable hat for Ollie, we love it!

Christmas morning, everyone but Jack :(

Some of my cousins playing cards at my aunts house

Michelle, Brian, and Alicia

Dad, Mom, Letty, and Grandma

Me and Letty in our ugly Christmas sweaters

My aunt Teresa and aunt Cheryl (and Ollie, Cheryl has the magic touch)

We made out really good this year. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas presents:

Obviously this is our favorite gift to ourselves, as well as from Jason's parents since they helped us with the purchase

I have made it known on this blog how nerdy Jason and I are.  Well this Christmas present is the nail in our nerdy coffin, since we are both SO excited about it.  It is a Shelf Reliance can rotation system.  Now we can organize our cans, make room in our cupboards, and keep a good stash of food storage.
I love the labels!

Since Ollie is now eating baby food and can sit up on his own, Grandma Jan got him a high chair.  He looks like such a big boy in it.

This one is knives!!!  I have needed them for a long time.

Christmas Eve

I have SO much to post, so I'm going to try to break it up. I'll start with Christmas Eve. That morning Jason held his '2nd Annual Reunion Brunch' with his friends that were in town for the holidays. It is always so fun to catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while.
That evening we had dinner at my parents house, like we do every year. My Grandparents always come over, and this year our family friends the Boatmans came over as well. It was a nice dinner and then we headed to the Boatmans to decorate gingerbread houses. It was a great night.
The whole brunch group

Chrissy and Dave

Everyone decorating their houses

We are not very creative so our house was the most boring :(