Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy 3rd Anniversary To Us!!!!

This year for our anniversary we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho and Logan, Utah. Friday night we stayed at the Lava Hot Springs Inn, it wasn't quite what we expected. It was more like a really old hotel so it wasn't as cozy and romantic as we had planned, but while we were there we met this guy who owns little cottages that you can rent. The place was called Aura Soma Lava, and we are definitely going to stay there next time. In Logan we stayed at the Providence Inn (it is actually in Providence which is right next to Logan). We stayed here last time and loved it so much we came back. We went to the Logan temple while we were there and then because of the recommendation of a friend we ate at the Bluebird Restaurant, it was very good. It was a great little weekend, I can't wait for next year.
Jason in the dining parlor of Providence Inn
Us at the Logan Temple
This was our room
This cute display was in the bathroom
We picked this room because it had a fireplace
Here is us enjoying the "breakfast" part of our stay


For Thanksgiving this year we drove up to Blackfoot, Idaho where Jason's grandparents live. Jason's sister is a nurse and had to work on Thanksgiving so we had dinner on Thursday with the Miller side of the family and then dinner on Friday with the Horrocks side of the family.
Here is everyone (except Jason who is taking the picture) enjoying dinner
Michelle (Jason's sister) with her Grandpa
Jason's Grandparents, Charles and Dallas Horrocks
Me and my sister in laws, Jenny and Michelle
Dallas, Jan, Mike and Scott doing the dishes
Jenny and her boyfriend Jeff
Jason with his cousin Emily

My Birthday

I had the best birthday ever this year because of my sweet husband and great friends. At school I was serenaded by my 49 classmates, who brought me lots of cavity causing treats. Then when I got home from school I found our decorated apartment. Jason had a couple of my friends decorate our house while we were gone. Jason and I went out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants Zupas. Then we came home and had friends over for cake (a delicious carrot cake made by Ashley), ice cream and a game. It was an awesome day.
This is what was on our front door when I got home
Des and Kelly did a great job decorating!!!

Here are all the ladies, from the right, Shannon, Kalee, Emily, Jen, Kelly, Ashley, Me and Des

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kalai, Divine Comedy and new hair

Friday night our friend Mitch was able to get Kalai to do private concert in the basement of Mitch's house. For those who are unfamiliar with Kalai's music, he is really awesome. The concert was awesome cause we got to talk with Kalai and get pictures and stuff. We went with Dan and Ashley and before the concert we tried out this new pizza place Nicoletti's. It was really good. Saturday we went to dinner at an El Salvador restaurant with Shelley (from school) and her husband Jeff. After dinner we went to Divine Comedy at BYU. It was really funny. After that I had Kelly dye my hair. I just crave change sometimes, but I am a major wuss and so it is the 28 washes kind. One of the many times I really miss my sisters is when I dye my hair cause we use to do it together, but I am glad I have Kelly to fill that void for me!!!
Kalai, doing his thing
Jason and I with Kalai
Shelley, Jeff, Jason and I at the El Salvador restaurant
Shelley and I at Divine Comedy
Shelley and I wearing the fun glow in the dark glasses they gave out at the show
My new hair color

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ginny Miller, RDH (not quite)

Here are some random pictures that we took at school. I am lucky to have really cool girls and guys in my class, we have a good time together, which is good considering we are at school almost 8 hours a day!!
This is me working on my unfortunate partner :)
Bri and Cheryl practicing on themselves
Desarae, Holly and Amber
Russ and Heather (Heather and Holly are twins)
Holly taking my blood pressure
Holly and I with our manikin, he is the best can take his cheeks off!
Holly and I

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gooooo Cougars!!!!

Tonight our friends Dan and Ashley had extra tickets to the BYU vs. Wyoming football game. It was soooo awesome. BYU did great! The final score was 55-7. It was a little cold, but we were jumping around and screaming so much we hardly noticed. Go Cougars!!
Cosmo the cougar crowd surfed up to our section so we got a picture with him, this was right after BYU made an awesome play (as you can tell from Dan's face)
Ashley, Lexi and I
Jason and I
Ashley and I growling like a cougar

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Murder Mystery Dinner

Saturday night our friends Dan and Ashley hosted a murder mystery dinner. It was really fun. We all dressed up as different characters, and we worked together to figure out which one of us was the murderer.
All of us
Which one of us was the murderer?
All of us trying to figure out the mystery
Ashley, Kelly, Me and Casey
Jason and I. Jason was the tough guy and I was a rich girl willing to kill my brother for the family fortune...that sounds like me right???

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Pink Floyd is one of Jason's favorite bands. They are broken up and no longer tour together. So Thursday night I surprised Jason and took him to The Australian Pink Floyd Show. We had a great time. I am not really familiar with all of Pink Floyd's music but I still loved it. Jason said they sounded just like the real Pink Floyd. I also enjoyed watching all the people at the show. There was a lot of the "air guitar" being played which was really funny. Because their music is almost psychedelic I can see how being on drugs would have enhanced the whole experience. Anyways we had a great time and if the show ever comes to your area, definitely check it out.
Us at the concert
The bands logo