Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're Old

Before I bore everyone with our weekend details, be sure to check out the video at the end of the post, it is of Ollie counting and we think it is pretty cute.

I think Jason and I must be getting old considering our weekend consisted of scrabble, an RV show, and gardening. Friday evening my friend Stacie came down from San Ramon and we played Scrabble and watched "The September Issue" an interesting documentary about the fashion world (totally "Devil Wears Prada"). Saturday morning we headed to Pleasanton with Andy and Marissa for an RV show. We went last year and enjoyed it, since we are looking into buying a camping trailer we thought we would check it out again. It was a lot of fun. We finished the day off with mowing the lawn, pruning the bushes and weeding the garden...exciting I know. The most exciting part of our weekend was Jason's sister Michelle and her husband Eric visiting us. I don't have any pics, but we loved having them here and can't wait for October when they move here!!!

Ollie and I went to Old Navy and he decided to hide from me. Isn't his haircut cute?

He kept trying to ride this plastic dog.

I just think he is cute.

Me and Marissa relaxing while the boys check out a trailer.

Ollie had tons of fun exploring all the "tra-wers".

Hanging out with dad in one of the sweet RV's.

This one had bunk beds, each with their own DVD player.

Ollie helped with the leaf blowing.

I found Ollie on our bed today, he had completely unraveled a roll of floss. That is what I get for leaving it on my nightstand.

Ok, so here is the progress of our garden. This is very exciting to me. I can't believe things are actually growing.
One of our tomato plants (this one we did not grow from seed).

Look at that little tomato!!!

Our potatoes.

Remember this....

Now it looks like this. And these are all from seeds. It is so exciting I can hardly stand it :)

Now I know every parent thinks their kid is the cutest, smartest, best at everything, and we are no exception. Here is our smart little guy counting. He can do 1-10, but he always skips 7 and sometimes he needs help getting started. We just love hearing his little voice.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tour de Lincoln

Last weekend we headed home so Jason could ride in the Tour de Lincoln (a bike ride held in my hometown). He did the 100km distance. Ollie and I left Friday morning, and Ollie spent the afternoon at my aunt's house with some of my cousins while I went to the temple with my mom and mother in law. It was a nice afternoon. I picked Jason up from the train station in Sacramento that evening and we stopped and picked up one of his craigslist finds (stationary bike trainer). I'll let the pictures explain the rest of the weekend.

Ok this isn't from the weekend, but it was cute. Ollie loves walking around in our shoes, here he is in Jason's slippers.

This isn't from the weekend either, but the other day Ollie's friend Loden came over. Ollie didn't want to wear his sandals but Loden did, and then a few minutes later Ollie came out in Loden's pink crocks. They are pretty cute those two.

Jason and our friend Austin. Their first rest stop was about a mile from Jason's parents house so Jan, Ollie and I walked down to meet them.

Ollie pretty much just associates Jason with a bike. If you ever ask Ollie where daddy is he says "bike".
Ollie and I also stopped by another rest stop where my parents were volunteering with the Lions Club. Jason had already passed by the time we got there.
While Jason was riding we went and walked a little with my mom for her "Relay for Life" team.

Later in the afternoon we attended a Lincoln Ward Reunion. It was a bunch of people we have gone to church with over the years. It was fun to catch up with friends. The people who hosted the reunion had chickens, Ollie was in heaven!

Ollie picked up my mom's phone and had to walk away to take the call, I guess it was private.

The following two pics are courtesy of Ollie. Not too bad.

Me and Ollie.

Sunday after church we went and watched the Amgen Tour de California pass through Oldtown Auburn. We were representing Honey Stinger, a company Jason's dad started, just last week Lance Armstrong became the majority owner of the company and company sponsor.
Jason and his dad.

Jan and I, our shirts were on backwards and were about 5x too big.

Family pic.

Another family pic.

Lance is one of the blurs in red and gray, in the middle of the pack.

It was a fun weekend. We love being so close to family!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wildflower 2010

On May 1st Jason participated in the "One and Only Wildflower Triathlon". This is one of our favorite because it is out at Lake San Antonio and requires camping. Since Jason isn't really one to "tent camp", we always rent an RV. We love it, which means we may own an RV/camping trailer in the near future. We left Friday morning for the 2 1/2 hour drive south. We got there in the early afternoon, found our campground, which was with a bunch of Jason's friends from his triathlon training class. One of them was a vendor at the event so our spot was in an awesome location. We spent the rest of the day exploring the festivities, and enjoying a carb loaded pasta dinner that we made in the RV. Jason got up early Saturday morning to get set up for the race. We came a few hours later to watch him. I love this tri because it is easy to watch the athletes transition. We saw him start and finish the swim, start on the bike and then finish the race. In between all that we tried (unsuccessfully) to get Ollie to nap. Jason finished in just over 6 hours, which is good, but not as good as his time last year. It was hotter this year, and the course is just really hard. One experienced triathlete told Jason if you can do the half ironman distance at Wildflower, you are 80% done with a full Ironman. Jason will find out if that is true in July. Saturday evening we just made dinner and relaxed at the campground. Sunday we enjoyed a big breakfast, and then went and supported Jason's classmates who were all racing the Olympic distance. We left Sunday afternoon. It was such a fun weekend. Hopefully he can do it again next year.

The gang with our RV in front of our house before we left.

Ollie asleep on the way there. He loved playing in the big "truck".

The fam with Lake San Antonio behind us.

There was a kid play area that Ollie really enjoyed.

Wearing Grandma's sunglasses and sipping from daddy's waterbottle.

Cooking dinner in the RV.

Reading "The Hunger Games"...thanks Amy!

Jason and his mom.

Jason with his tri friends.

After not much napping, Ollie eventually conked out.

This picture shows a wave going out and some athletes coming in. Jason is the one closest to the camera, with the sleeveless wetsuit.

Finishing the swim (waving to friends), and running up to transition to the bike.

Finishing the race. He always finishes strong (and sexy with his jersey unzipped). Way to go honey!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hanging Out At Home

We are loving living in a house!! For most, living in a house isn't a big deal, but in this area, for a young couple, renting and especially owning a home is a big deal (we are renting for the time being). The thing we have enjoyed the most is having a backyard. Ollie loves to be outside and so do Jason and I. A couple weekends ago we planted a little garden. We planted peas, carrots, onions, strawberries, potatoes, squash and zucchini, and we have plans to plant tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers this weekend. I have never had a green thumb, but I'm happy to report that things are growing! Which has more to do with where we live in CA than my gardening ability, but still I'm excited.

This is our little garden. The additional things we are planting will be elsewhere in the backyard.

Ollie loved playing in the water and dirt, look at that dirty little bum.

So cute.

We had stake conference a few weekends ago and afterward the weather was so nice we let Ollie play until he was ready to go. We also got some cute pictures of the little guy in his church outfit.
Staring off in the distance.

A head on shot, but of course, no smile.

And being a boy, he found this huge stick to play with.

These were all taken yesterday. I have been kind of sick with some sinus issues (what is it about pregnancy???), so Ollie has been couped up inside, but he always finds ways to entertain himself.
I walked by his room and found him like this.

And like this, it was so cute. He kept wanting me to shut him in the drawer.

He walked in the house and said "WET", ummm yeah you sure are.
I got Ollie this water table last week, and I must say it was the best $30 I have ever spent. Sure he is soaking wet everytime he plays with it but when the weather is nice, I don't mind.
Dumping the water on his head.

His friends Alexander and Jason came over to play also.

I also got some patio furniture so we can eat/hangout outside. It is SO nice. And we have been taking full advantage, pretty much every lunch and dinner since we bought it has been eaten outside.
Carolyn, Claire and I just hung out watching the boys. Carolyn just had another boy, Claire is having a boy in July and I am having one in September, so next summer we will have 6 little guys running around...crazy!

Jason pushing Ollie on his train.

It was so cute.

I tried to get a shot of all the boys, this was the best I got :)

And lastly, the rose bushes in our front yard have been going crazy. Here is a bouquet I made with the fully bloomed roses. And there are still tons on the bush, they are so pretty.