Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a really fun Halloween this year. The festivities started last weekend and just kept going all the way through Halloween. Ollie is still too young to care about/eat candy but he like dressing up and loved wearing his costume.
Ollie was playing on the porch and I found him in his stroller basket.
Jason and Ollie with the pyramid of pumpkins.
Family pic. Too bad Ollie doesn't like to look at the camera.
Here have some hay.
Love my husband.
He loves to push things.
Our little pumpkin.
Playing in the wheelbarrow.
Ollie and Jason rode the cow train together.
Ollie and his buddy Alexander had so much fun playing together. It is so adorable.
Ollie loved the hay.
He kept sliding down the haystacks. He would bounce down on his bum and slide down. A trick he learned on the trampoline.
At a Halloween party. Our friends Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, a little lobster and his chefs and the bee family.
Us in our costumes.
With Ben and Carlie, the hippies.

The EQP. Hosts of the party.

Monday night we (Jason and I) carved pumpkins for family night. Little Ollie was in bed, thank goodness, he would have made an even bigger mess than we did. Maybe next year.
Jason took his pumpkin carving very seriously and did not appreciate my distracting him for a picture.
Finished products.
I think our pumpkins each reflect our individual personalities. I am happy and fun, Jason, scary and creepy. Haha, obviously I'm joking.
Jason's sister Michelle flew in Tuesday from Utah to interview with a couple of big accounting firms here in San Jose. It was so fun to have her stay with us, and Ollie loved all the attention Aunt Michelle gave him. Michelle's husband Eric flew in Wednesday night. On Thursday Michelle, Eric, Ollie and I met up with our friends the Armstrongs and Jason for lunch at Caffe Macs at Apple. Ollie napped on the way there, with his mouth wide open.
On Friday Ollie and I met up with some friends to trick or treat at local businesses in Willow Glen. It was VERY crowded, so we got lunch and headed back to Amanda's house. Here are Ollie's cute girl friends.
"If you think this goofy costume is going to slow my playing down, you are sorely mistaken." -Ollie
It was SO fun having Michelle and Eric here, and we are so excited that they might move here someday. We forgot to take pictures so we took a couple on the way to the light rail station.

I know this one isn't very good but the picture where we actually used the flash cut off heads....soooo this is what you get.
After this Jason, Ollie and I headed to downtown Campbell and did some more trick or treating at businesses. On Saturday (the actual holiday) my parents came down to hang out with us. We took Ollie to the Pruneyard by our house and did more trick or treating at businesses. Even with all the "trick or treating" we did we came home with about 5 pieces of candy. Ollie doesn't eat candy and I don't want it, so we mainly just wanted to dress Ollie up and take him around. He actually liked wearing his costume. That afternoon my Mom and I went shopping, then we all went out to "Linner" as I call it, or "Lupper" as my Mom calls it. After that my Dad and Jason went and looked for a new car for my Dad. It was a fun day had by all. Sad news is we only got 2 trick or treaters, so we will be eating all the candy we bought :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This past weekend we were able to go to Utah. Jason was recuiting for Apple at BYU. He flew out Thursday night (and missed his flight...long story), and since I worked on Thursday Ollie and I flew out Friday morning, REALLY early. Ollie did amazing on the flight (lets hope he can do that well next month on the way to NC). It was so fun to hang out with Jason's siblings, we have really missed not living close to them.

Friday Ollie and I met up with a couple of my dental hygiene friends. I miss them, I wish we lived closer.
I just can't stop taking pictures of this guy, he is too darn cute.
Aunt Jenny is really good at cutting Ollie hair so we tricked him by strapping him down and giving him food, he had no idea what was coming.
What is going on here?
Jen and Jeff have a trampoline and Ollie loved it!
We also went to Maggie Moo's one of my favorite ice cream places (their dark chocolate is to die for). Jason and Michelle.
Ollie and his favorite guy.
Ollie wearing Uncle Jeff's hat.
My lovely sister-in-laws. Love those girls.
Ollie really likes Jeff, they were little buddies.
Ollie loves playing with restaurant high chairs, he could entertain himself for hours.
Look at that little face!!! Seriously, how did we make such a cute baby?
Jeff got Ollie these polar bear jammies, so I had to get a picture of them together.
Ollie and the bear.
Brothers for life!
We played lots of was so fun.
Ok get ready to die when you see Ollie in his little coat. Here he is with Jason after church.
What a stud.
Sunday afternoon we all went on a little walk/hike at Sterling Falls. It was so beautiful. We also got to see Jared, Shannon and Jamison. We miss them a lot too!
Shannon and I with a pretty tree.
Jason, Ollie, Jared and Jamison.
Michelle and Eric being silly. I thought she should get on his back, it would have been like a scene out of Twilight :)
Jen and Jeff being even sillier.
The token family pic.
Ollie and Jamison...too cute.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and More!

This past weekend we went home to celebrate my Grandpa and Grandma's birthdays. My Grandpa is 80 and doesn't look a day over 70 :) While we were there my Mom and I took Ollie to the pumpkin patch. It is usually a tradition we do with all my siblings but everyone has moved away :( We also got to go to Jason's friend Lucy's wedding reception. It was a wonderful weekend. Here are some pictures.
Ollie is so serious sometimes, he cracks me up.
He loved the little barn they had for the animals.
Petting the goat.
Me and Ollie with more goats.
Me and Ollie in the pumpkin patch.
Ollie with a very large pumpkin.
Grandma and Ollie, it is obviously very hard to get him to look at the camera.
We went on a hayride, he LOVED playing with the hay.
There were lots of tractors for him to sit on and "drive".
Playing with Grandma on the train.
My little pumpkin.
My Grandparents getting ready to blow out their candles...aren't they cute!
We also got to visit my friend Megan who is on bed rest with her twinners. It was so fun to hang out with her.
Jason's Mom got Ollie the cutest little church outfit and I could not stop taking pictures of my handsome boy.
Ollie had an accident while I was at work yesterday so he got to wear a pair of his (girl) friends pants. I thought he looked so cute, even in pink pants.
This is what we do on a rainy day. Play in a box with our truck and spatula, what more could you ask for?