Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend. Friday evening Ollie and I met Jason at Apple for the "Beer Bash". Apple throws one of these once or twice a month. They have food and drinks and mingling. The theme was earth day so they were driving people around in these cool Aptera electric cars. Jason and Ollie just HAD to have their picture by one. After that we joined some friends on the Los Gatos trail for a nice evening walk. I'll explain the rest of the weekend with the pictures below.

Jason and Ollie with the cool electric car.

Jason and I were laying in bed Saturday afternoon listening to Ollie not sleep (through the monitor). Jason said "Man, I'm so tired, I wish I could go lay down in there with him, then maybe he would go to sleep AND I could get a nap". I told him to do it, so he did! It was so funny. They slept for 40 minutes like that.

Ollie has a little girlfriend Loden, although I have heard from a reliable source (her mother) that she has been flirting with other guys, but Ollie really cares for her so he let it go :-) Anyway, they decided to take their relationship to the next level by having the parents meet. So here we are at Mimi's having dinner.

Now onto the saddest part of the weekend. We sold Jason's motorcycle :-( We just never use it anymore, since we have a baby we can't just take off whenever we want. Here we are saying goodbye. Jason kept asking me if I was going to cry...I mean loved the thing, but come on, I'm not that sentimental!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We're going to Alaska!!

Our friends Andy and Marissa were kind enough to invite us along on their Alaska trip this summer. They have be a few times and they are in LOVE with Alaska and assure us that we will feel the same way. We are excited for them to take us around. We leave on Ollie's 1st birthday (sad I know) and will be gone for 11 days. I'm a little nervous about leaving the baby for that long, but he will be with our parents so it should be fine. We fly into Anchorage, then we will be heading up to Denali National Park where we will see lots of wildlife and do some hiking. From there it is down to Ninilchik, a tiny town, where we will be staying in a cabin and king salmon and halibut fishing etc. We can't wait. And hopefully Ollie will forgive us for leaving him on his birthday. :)

Santa Cruz

Yesterday our friends invited us to a bonfire in Santa Cruz. We carpooled up with our friends John, Carolyn and Alexander (who is 5 weeks younger than Ollie). It was a gorgeous day, and we had a great time. Carolyn and I decided we need to make weekly trips to the beach since it is less than 30 mins away.

The boys asleep on the way to the BBQ

Our little family (Ollie loves sand, especially eating it)

Once we put Ollie's pacifier in he couldn't eat sand and rocks, so his second favorite thing was standing up against this tiki torch.

Holding it tight, and dancing around. His moves convinced us that if all else fails he could have a successful career as a pole dancer.

John, Carolyn and Alexander (not looking)

The boys sleeping on the way home.

The other day Ollie fell asleep with his head between his legs, it was so funny

Oliver is getting so big! He loves to feed himself, so we are moving on to lots of finger foods. If anyone has good, healthy suggestions for us that would be great. We have done Cheerios, bananas, whole wheat bread, Gerber puffs, freeze dried fruit, etc.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well I couldn't come up with a good title for this post because it is a compilation of everything we have done over the past few weeks.
A few months ago I did a blog post of me making baby food from scratch. Well Jason thinks he came up with a much better solution. Those huge Costco jars of beens and peaches cost about $3 each and make over 10 jars of baby food a piece. I must admit his idea does have some merit (like only taking 10 minutes to from start to finish) my baby food has more love in each jar :-)

Ollie loves going on runs/walks so I just had to snap a shot of his sweet little face.
It is hard to tell from the small picture but Jason was fixing something on his bike and Ollie grabbed one of the wrenches and began mimicking what Jason was doing, like father like son.
However he quickly decided that wrenches are best used as chew toys.
Ollie and I hung out by the pool the other day. I filled up his little bucket and let him splash around, he loved it.
Ollie has figured out how to open/close drawers and cupboards which has led to more than a few messes and ouches. Here he is caught in the act.
I think this one is so cute, I kept trying to get him to smile and every time the flash would go off he would blink, so cute!
We went up to our parents houses for Easter weekend and while there we had breakfast with our friends Scott, Amanda and Simon.
Simon is about 2 months older than Ollie. They were so cute together. I love this "oh" face Simon makes!
The real reason for going home this weekend was that I got my sister Letty and I tickets to see Britney Spears (for Letty's birthday). Our night was plagued with a few issues, but the concert was fun, and very entertaining.
Letty and I
Jason and Ollie on Easter
We went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Easter. It was so fun to be with family.
We had a rousing game of volleyball
Ollie loved being outside and watching the game.
On Sunday I hadn't been feeling very well, but didn't think much of it. Just before we left, I threw up and then twice more on the trip home, as in, in the car, in a barf SUCKED! I think it was just a stomach flu, so I have been resting today and I pretty much feel better.