Friday, July 27, 2007

Busy Life

Jason and I had a fun weekend before I left to live in Lincoln for the week. On Saturday we headed up Ashley's baby shower in SF. Dan and Jason went over to a friend of Dan's and played the Wii. Ashley's shower was so fun, she has really great friends there in SF, and they threw her a very nice shower. That night Jason and I headed over to Napa Valley and drove around, we shopped a little and stayed the night in the area. On Sunday we went to Windsor to watch part of the Vineman triathalon. It was a half Ironman (Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56 miles, Run 13.1 miles). Jason really wants to do one so he wanted to see what they are like. It was really cool, I was filled with the same excitement I felt when Jason was finishing his marathon. I totally support Jason in his goal, but unfortunatley I have no desire to join in the fun. We headed back to Newcastle Sunday afternoon and had dinner with Jason's parents, it was a nice evening. Jason hitched a ride with a co-worker back to Cupertino on Monday morning and I started working for my Dad. I worked there all week and now we are back together for the weekend. While I was home we saw Hairspray (which I loved and highly recommend, we bought the soundtrack on the way home), celebrated my Dad's 49th birthday and got together with friends and family. It was nice to have things to do, but I missed being with Jason. Jason had to do a presentation on what he has accomplished while interning at Apple. The presentation was with the CIO of Apple, and it went very well. They like him a lot, which doesn't suprise me at all. Tomorrow we are going to Great America and then on Sunday we are heading back to Sacramento to see a friends baby blessing (Spring's baby for those who know her). I will try to take some pictures. Then next week we are heading to Monterey to meet up with our good friends Jeff, Kelly and Elle, and probably Dan and Ashley. We are very excited to see them and spend some time together.

Ash and I at her baby shower
Ashley, Dan, Me, and Jason
Me, Ashley, and Liz (who did a great job throwing the shower!!!)
Jason and I at the triathalon
These are the lovely girls I have been working with all week, my sister Letty, and my cousins Michelle and Alicia
Chris and Lys being silly
Dad on his birthday
Brendi and I
Evelyn, Stacie, Brendi, and me
Chris, Lys, Mary, Ev, Stac, Brendi, me at Chili's

Chris and Mary
One of our family pictures from last weekend.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Car That Never Quits

I was a little hesitant to use that title for this post, as I am a little superstitious and feel that saying that will only temp the car gods to make my car break forever, but it is true. My car, Roxie, is a trooper. I bought her almost six years ago, for a VERY reasonable price, and she has driven us to and from CA numerous times and all over Utah with hardly any problems. Yesterday was a big day for her. She hit 200,000 miles. And you know she looks great for her age (Jason takes great care of her), to see how great, (Jason is making me do this), check out our Website and go to the 'Our Cars' section to see all the things Jason has done to her. Anyway I just wanted to give a little shout out to my car, hopefully she can give us one more good year before we have to replace her with something a little bigger.
Roxie in all her glory
We had to pull over to take these pictures

The proud owners

***Just a quick update. After spending a week with nothing but a Jazzercise class to do during the day, we have decided that I will go to Roseville (close to where my family is) and work for my Dad on a temporary project that he has. I need to DO something, I'm going crazy. It will stink since I will have to live up there during the week and come down here on weekends (it is only 2 1/2 hours) but it will only be for 2-4 weeks. And this way I can make some $$$. We have some fun weekends coming up, so be sure to check back for updates.

Monday, July 16, 2007

California At Last!!!

So I am finally back with Jason. It is so nice to be together again. My brother, my mother-in-law Jan, and I drove to CA on Thursday. Jason took Amtrak up to Auburn on Friday and we came back down to Santa Clara on Sunday night. It was a busy weekend, but a lot of fun. Friday I went to lunch with my friend Stacie, then went and visited my cousin Mary who had a baby about a week or so ago. That night we went to Old Town Pizza (tradition), and then I picked Jason up. Saturday Jason fixed mine and Chrissy's car. We ran a ton of errands and then we just stayed home with Jason's Mom, it was a very nice evening, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. On Sunday we went to my parents ward, then we all came to Newcastle and had dinner at Jason's house. It was delicious. We also took some family pictures, I have some of them posted now but my camera ran out of charge, so the rest will be coming later. I promise Jason and his Mom were here this weekend I just don't have any pictures. I think because I forget to take my camera out unless Alyssa is there, cause I am always taking pictures of her.
Jack and I at Old Town
Now that Lys has a tat, she is hard core
Chrissy and Alyssa
Alyssa loves her Aunt Gin...most of the time
My cousin Mary had a little baby boy, Jake, here is Letty holding him
Me and Mary
How do I look? Maybe someday I will have one of my own
Alyssa loved Jake, she kept saying "Awwww, look at his tiny feet", so cute, here she is giving him a kiss
Alyssa and I swinging at the park
Alyssa and Amelya dancing
Dad and Letty at Old Town
The Wursten kids
Jack pointing out Alyssa's new tat
Chrissy and Mom

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my Mom's birthday. I have such a awesome Mom! I am so glad I have been able to spend time with her the last week and a half, and I appreciate her making the trip to hang out with me while I have been husbandless. I hope she has a great birthday. I love you Mom!

Family In Town

For the last week and a half I have had family visiting me. It has been so nice. We did lots of fun stuff. Pictures are below. Jason is doing well, he loves being at Apple right now because of all the hype around the iphone. We are both really excited because I move out there next week. I am so tired of being apart. So next Thursday Jack and I head to California. Jason and I will be back in Provo around the first week in September.

My roomate Jana from BYU-I came and lived with us one summer and worked for my Dad. Last weekend we went and met her, and her husband and their little baby for ice cream, it was great to see her.
Jack and Trace
The Dennison Family
Me, Jana and Trace
One night we ate a Sensous Sandwich. My parents use to eat there when they lived in Provo forever ago, so it is kind of a tradition to go there
Mom and I walking around Freedom Days
So on Sunday we decided that since my parents were here we would replace the carpet in the apartment. It is really old and we have wanted to do it forever. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. Thanks to my parents for spending a lot of their trip helping with this massive project. Here I am putting things into the kitchen, we had a good portion of the house in our kitchen while the carpet was getting replaced
The old carpet
The new carpet
Letty, Me, Dad and Mom at the Provo City 4th of July parade, it was so hot I thought I was going to die, and I'm from California!!
Letty and I playing Phase 10 at the park on 4th of July
We BBQed with my family, Jacks friends, my cousin and my mother and sister-in-laws, it was fun for all of us to get together
Another picture of all of us
My parents
Me and my Dad