Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Oliver!!

I can't believe our baby is one. It has been a really emotional week for me. I love this little guy SO much! We are leaving him with his grandparents for 11 days, for our trip to Alaska. I can't seem to get myself together. I am so excited for our trip but I just can't stop crying. I think the anticipation is worse than actually leaving him will be. He is just the sweetest boy.
I had wanted to put up the SWEET slideshow I made for Ollie's first year, unfortunately I'm having issues exporting my slideshow (it has pictures, video and music), soooo instead here are some pictures of our little guy doing what he does best, making messes. And here is a link to Ollie's debut onto the blog:

We love you so much Oliver! You have made this the best year EVER!

This mess was particularly difficult to clean up because as I was picking them up I was trying to fish them out of his mouth at the same times.

I thought the Raisin Bran was gone, so I threw it away, Ollie knew there was a little more left.

Just helping me get ready to cook dinner. He wasn't sure what I needed so he got a little bit of everything.

I guess we didn't give him a chance to read the paper.

He loves steel cut oatmeal, just like his Dad.

How can you get mad at that little face??? I can't, so I laugh and take a picture.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ollie's Early 1st Birthday Party

This weekend we went home to have a little early birthday party for Ollie with some family and friends. We picked kind of a bad weekend because lots of family and friends had things going on, but it was fun to get together with those who were around. We are celebrating early since we are leaving Ollie on his actual birthday for our trip to Alaska (I know, I know we are horrible parents). I can't believe my baby is almost 1. He is such a special little boy, we love him so much! It has been the best year ever with him in our lives. I made a slideshow of Ollie's first year, I will try to put it up here.

Ollie and his friend Simon

Ollie has been VERY affectionate lately with his friends. He will try to give hugs and kisses. Ollie doesn't really have respect for people's personal bubbles.

Bringing him his cake

He wanted to touch it, not blow it out, so Dad helped him out

He didn't eat much, he mostly just destroyed it

And he was tired after that

Some of us watching the slideshow commemorating Ollie's first year

Half Moon Bay

Jason's parents came down to visit us last weekend, since they hadn't seen Ollie for a long time. Jason took Monday off and we went to Half Moon Bay. It is such a cute little town. We walked around the downtown area, and through a little marina, then had lunch at Barbara's Fishtrap. It was pretty good. Very fresh seafood. We had a good time. Ollie is always sad to see the Grandparents go!

After our very satisfying lunch

Ollie getting a little help walking from Dad and Grandma

Actually he does more running than walking. I love this action shot.

Ollie hanging out with Grandpa John

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach Day

Before I talk about our fun beach day with the family, here are a few random pics from the last couple of weeks.
We were grocery shopping last week and Ollie grabbed a mandarin off the shelf and went to town! He loved it.

He ate through the peel and everything.

Ollie loves to sit in things. Here he is sitting in a pot. We kept telling him we were going to make Ollie stew.

I have been planning hikes for our church group each week. Last week we walked around a fun park that had a train and a carousel. Ollie loved the train ride.

Last weekend we went to Ollie's little girlfriend Loden's 1st birthday party. Ollie had a lot of fun, and so did we!

Ok, now for the beach trip. My sister and niece were in town from North Carolina so my whole immediate family came down and visited us last week. They came on Thursday, and we spent the afternoon at the pool, and played games all evening. Then on Friday we went to Santa Cruz. It wasn't the best weather at the beach (windy and chilly), but we still had a lot of fun. I love when the whole family is together! If you notice that Jason isn't in a lot of the pics it is because the poor guy had to work while we had all the fun...thanks for doing that honey we really appreciate it!!

Ollie running around free on the beach.

Ok we are a little out of order, but this is Chrissy and I. We went to Mimi's on Saturday morning for breakfast.

The girls hanging out.

Loving the perfect temperature at the pool.

Ollie still does yoga to keep himself limber.


Grandparents with their two adorable grandkids.

Muscle man. My Dad use to do this with all four of his kids on his shoulders.

The whole family. Good times.

Playing with Papa and Lys.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Walking Pro

Ollie is quickly becoming a pro at walking. Yesterday he began standing from a sitting position to start walking. Before that he had to be standing against something first. He walks all around the house, but outside he isn't too sure. I'm sure he will get over that fast. This video is for the grandparents eager to see more of his mad walking skills.

Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July with my family. My sister and niece were in town from North Carolina, so Ollie and I went up to L-town on Wednesday morning. Jason took the train and joined us Thursday evening. I have missed my sister and niece a lot, so it was great to have them back, we just wish Dave could have come out as well. Wednesday we went to lunch at a Lincoln staple, Los Gallos. That afternoon we visited our friend Ty who was in the hospital. There we played a couple intense baseball games. It was a lot of fun (see below). That night we ate at Old Town Pizza and played games. Thursday morning, Chrissy, Mom, Lys, Ollie and I went on a walk. Then we had lunch, took naps, and played in the kiddie pool. It was a lot of fun. Friday we did a little shopping (Down East Outfitters made it to our mall), had lunch at Fresh Choice (another family favorite), then came home so the guys could work on some projects around the house (Jason's favorite thing to do). The forth was spent watching Lincoln's annual parade, followed by a BBQ at my aunt and uncles house, followed by keeping Ollie up way past his bedtime for his first firework show (you'll see his reaction below). Sunday was my beautiful mothers 51st birthday, yes she is in her 50's. I love her, she is the best, EVER. Then we started the drive home, but stopped to see my cousin and her husband bless their adorable new baby. It was such a wonderful weekend. Isn't family the best? And how about our country, aren't we so lucky to live in a country with so many freedoms? As you have probably noticed, I feel extremely blessed.

Chrissy plowed me over on her way to 3rd base during our baseball game, I'm pretty sure she was out.

The fam at OTP (minus Dave and Jason)

Alyssa is a BIG help with Ollie, here she is feeding him breakfast.

Ollie took his first carousel ride with Papa at the mall, he was a big fan.

Ollie being patriotic on the way to the parade

Eating watermelon that he found on the ground, we are such good parents :)

Oh man I love nakey baby bums, and chunky leg rolls!!

Stacie, Ollie, Chrissy, me and Jason at the fireworks in Lincoln.

Happy parents, tired baby.

Watching the show, kind of. Ollie would only look when a bunch went off at once, but he would quickly bury his head into me. He wasn't a fan of the fireworks.

I LOVED the cuddles I was getting, he hardly ever gives me hugs like the ones he was giving me during the show.

Cousins taking a bath together.

Ollie playing in the kiddie pool. Have I told you all how much he loves wooden spoons? He LOVES them. He will play with one all day and just drag it around the house with funny!

Wow these are out of order, oh well. Alyssa loves pushing Ollie in his stroller.

Getting some shut eye before the parade.

Chrissy and Lys watching the parade.

Ollie playing in yet another kiddie pool, this kid loves water.

Ollie and Papa watching the parade.

My cute Grandparents with all five of the great-grandkids, including little Carter, only 2 weeks old.

Speaking of Carter, here he is with his proud parents on the day of his blessing. He is such a sweet little thing, and the Lee's are the cutest little family.

Self timer gone wrong. Here is the whole group at Carter's blessing, that is my Dad with his head cut off and my Mom behind him. You get the gist of it.