Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Evening In The City

Saturday afternoon we took the Caltrain into San Francisco. Jason had made reservations at B44, a Spanish restaurant in downtown. They were participating in the Dine About Town, this thing were pricier restaurants offer a discounted menu for the evening. Since Jason served in Spain he was excited to have authentic Spanish food again. Authentic it was, and very delicious. Before dinner we walked around downtown, Pier 14 and rode a cable car. It was a really nice family day.
Ollie and Jason on the train. Oh, I haven't mentioned on the blog the atrocious haircut I gave Ollie. He looks like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber :( And this picture is like a week after I did it so it has grown out a bit. Poor guy.
At a little cable car museum.
Along the pier with the Bay Bridge in the background.

In front of a cable car from England.

At the restaurant.
On the way back to the train station it started pouring rain on us, and we didn't leave ourselves much time to get back. Soooo by the time we got on the train we were soaking wet (even though we had an umbrella) and totally winded from running (at least I was). It was quite an adventure.
On the train home, showing Daddy his ears.

Poor little guy was beat. He wouldn't sleep, but I started reciting some of his favorite books from memory and that lulled the little guy to sleep.

Jason: Husband Extraordinaire

There are many, many reasons I love my husband. Far too many to list on our blog. But I thought I would share one. At our new place the bathroom in our room has one of those lights that automatically turn on the fan. And it is a very loud fan. Normally this isn't a problem, but at night it stinks. Jason put a nightlight in the bathroom for me so I wouldn't have to turn the light on each time I go in there at night. But this little nightlight isn't enough light for a guy to see where he is going, if you know what I mean. Each night Jason would have to turn on the bright light and loud fan, which would always wake me up. So, the other night he shows me his newest contraption. When he opens the left cupboard above the toilet it turns on a little light that shines directly over the toilet, so now he doesn't have to wake me at night. Seriously, I thought that was pretty sweet. Granted Jason loves a project and a challenge, but still, what a thoughtful guy.

Jason's handiwork.

Jason would probably prefer that I write about the other project he did this weekend. Which was installing a new air intake on our Flex. Of course he did a full writeup on our website.