Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tori's Birth Story

My original due date with Tori was May 31st. I knew she would most likely be a June baby due to my previous babies being late, but I was not prepared to go 8 days over with my 4th baby. To say that I was uncomfortable and generally down trodden that last week would be an understatement. I cried every morning because I hadn't had the baby in the night and I cried every night because I hadn't had the baby during the day. We were also waiting to leave for North Dakota and couldn't really make any plans until baby arrived so I was stressed about that as well.

On Monday June 8, 2015 I got up and decided that I was going to be happy no matter what. I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies to take to my visiting teaching families. Michelle had been in town for close to two weeks waiting for the birth and we had planned to go swimming that afternoon at the Loveland's pool. It had been pretty hot which added to my end of pregnancy angst. Jason met us at the Lovelands that afternoon around 2:30pm. Right when we got there I felt like I was leaking. I thought "hmmmm that isn't normal." I told Jason and Michelle about it and then asked to use their bathroom. There was blood and I knew from Hadley's birth that this was the start of something. I had been having contractions on and off, but after this I noticed they were more consistent. I didn't swim for fear of leaking in their pool :) We stayed until about 4pm. Before we left I had Ashley Loveland take our family picture. I knew I was in labor at this point and wanted a final family of 5 picture. By 4:30 I was still leaking and having consistent contractions that weren't close together and easily bearable, but they were increasing in intensity.

Aunt Cheryl had offered to bring us dinner (before she even knew I was in labor, she is the best) and was coming to drop it off around 6pm. She got here closer to 6:30 and I was having a hard time focusing on our conversation when a contraction would come. After she left I started calling/texting everyone to let them know that it was getting close. I looked back at my texts and at 6:36 I texted the midwives and they left their house 10 mins later. I'm not sure what time people started showing up, but by 7:30 the midwives, my mom and sister in law Michelle were here. Shortly after texting everyone I got into the shower and labored there for awhile. I had the midwives check me and I was 7-8cm. The amniotic sac was not cushioning the head this time like it was with Hadley so we left it intact. I got into the bath and spent the remainder of time there. I just remember thinking how similar to Hadley's labor this one was. It was dark by then. My dad was here with the boys and I think he and Jason tried to put them to bed but they were so excited and wanted to know when baby came. So they stayed awake. There was one point where the midwives had me feel the baby's head, Jason got to as well. It was so cool. When I started to feel pushy I got into the position I had used with Hadley, because I knew it worked. I started pushing and during one of the pushes I felt a "pop" and knew my water had broken. I was so excited to have experienced that feeling. Everyone there said they could see the "pop" in the water. I pushed SO hard because at this point things were intense and I was ready to be done. I pushed until her head came out, expecting to feel the relief had had felt with my previous births, it didn't come and I said "it still really hurts," which I didn't expect. I think because of that I continued to push long and hard until I felt that little body slip out. I reached down and brought baby up to my chest. I cannot explain the relief that comes in that moment. The baby you have been anticipating, and loving, and worrying about is finally here. It is the BEST feeling. Since we hadn't found out the gender the first thing I did was check. We were so excited to see it was a little girl. A sister for Hadley!

I spent the next few minutes just holding her and trying to calm her, she wasn't happy to be out :) It must have been kind of traumatic for her because her little face was bruised from getting pushed out so quickly :( When the cord had stopped pulsing Jason cut it, and shortly after I felt the urge to push again and delivered the placenta. They boys came in and met their new sister. They were so excited. I got out of the tub and settled into bed. Tori pooped everywhere and after she was cleaned up we weighed her. 8lbs 8oz born 8 days late on June 8th. We have had the name Victoria picked out almost my whole pregnancy if the baby was a girl. Originally her middle name would have been Kate, but Jason has always loved Scout, so at the last minute I suggested Victoria Scout and we both loved it.

Tori is now 3 months old and I am just getting around to writing this up. It shows how busy our lives have been. When she was two weeks old we packed up and left for North Dakota. We all drove to Jenny's house in Lehi, and from there Jan, Hadley, Tori and I flew while Jason drove with the boys. It was busy. Tori has been the best baby. She goes with the flow and has been only getting up once a night since she was like six weeks old. She smiles at anyone who talks to her and she is starting to "talk" back.We love her so much and all agree that she was worth the long wait.

Last picture taken while pregnant. This was while I was in labor.
Everyone hanging out right before she was born.

Can you see the relief on my face? 

Checking to see, boy or girl?

We didn't get a picture of everyone at the birth, but shortly after. Michelle was there and Jan and Letty were not. 

Me and my girl.

Kaleem, Christie and Marlene were my midwives and they are the best.

One of the pictures take of Tori when she was 5 days old. So sweet!

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Amy said...

So sweet and so cool that you have this documented! Did you videotape this one too? You could do a video montage of your greatest birthing moments, lol! I didn't mean that in a rude way at all, btw. I just think you are the coolest.