Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miller Family Happenings

This post is just a random assortment of what we have been up to.  I figure if I wait and try to organize it all, it won't get posted so...

When Ollie uses the bathroom a lot of times he takes his underwear and pants completely off.   He has a hard time getting them on the right way :) 

Beautiful roses from the rose bush in our front yard.

Max with a cheerio stuck to his chin at church.  He often has food stuck to his chin that he is unaware of .

It has really warmed up here.  The boys have been enjoying their Buzz Lightyear sprinkler and baby pool.

On June 16 I left the kids and drove up to Sacramento to go to the Britney Spears concert with Chrissy and Ashley.  We had SO much fun.  Britney actually sang and danced really well, way better than I expected.

Full house (thanks to Groupon).

We had to get matching shirts.

Thanks for the fun night girlies!

Our friends Paul and Amy just adopted their little girl Clara, so I threw a baby shower for them a couple weeks ago.  We asked everyone to bring their favorite childrens book for Clara's library.  I found a cute book theme on  I'm not crafty, but I had a good time giving it my best attempt.   
The food spread.

My "Enchanted Garland".

Sweet little Clara slept through the whole shower.

I got them a cute little shirt/dress while we were in Mexico, I think Amy was excited about it.

There are lots of other exciting things coming up for our family.  I'll try to stay up to date on the blog. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

We just got back from spending a wonderful week in Mexico.  We went with Jason's parents and brother, which was so nice because we had help with the kids.  Traveling internationally with kids is not the easiest thing to do (learned last minute that even 8 month old babies need a passport and plane ticket) but with their help things went very smoothly.  We had lots of fun swimming, and eating and generally just having a good time.  The day we left to come home, Ollie told me he wanted to "stay in Mexico for a long, long time".

Ollie hasn't flown in a while so we really talked up the airplane thing.  He is at such a fun age because everything is so exciting.  Here are the boys watching the planes before we left.
Uncle Mike made delicious smoothies that Ollie and Jason enjoyed together.
We spent 75% of our time in the pools at our resort.  Ollie has never been that into water and swimming, but that all changed on this trip.  He LOVED it.  I'm very happy he became more comfortable swimming because he starts swim lessons this week.
Daddy and Uncle Mike (and me a few time but I wasn't very good) would throw him up and he just loved it.  Here is an action shot.

Me and Jason were able to sneak away a couple of nights after the kids went to bed and get dinner in town.  This  was a pretty nice "authentic" Mexican restaurant Jason found in Cabo.  If you look behind me you can see the one little Mexican woman cooking all the food in the tiny kitchen.

We didn't take our nice camera so most of our pictures are from my iPhone.

We went snorkeling at Chileno Beach.  Here is Max participating in his favorite past time, chewing on his toes.

What handsome boys.  It looks like we combed Max's hair over.  When we got there we went to Costco and Walmart and Jason misread the diaper package.  It said "3 free" and he just saw the 3 and thought it was the size, but really there were size 5, so Max wore HUGE diapers all week.  He also cut a top tooth so he had some tough days, poor guy.

Ollie is still practicing Yoga these days.

Mike, John and I went fishing one day.  Jason and his mom stayed back with the kids because they both get motion sick on boats.  This was the sun rising the morning we went.  So beautiful.

We caught like 15 tunas in two hours.  Here I am straining to hold these two, they were so heavy.   I'm pretty sure I was the one who caught the biggest fish that day ;)

We came home with 50lbs of tuna.  It was such a fun fishing trip because we caught so much.

This was Ollie's favorite turtle pool, just for little kids.  Most the time he had it totally to himself.  

This pool (right next to the turtle pool) is where we spent most of our time.  If you swim under that bridge behind Jason there is a beautiful infinity edge pool.  It went right up to the ocean, it was gorgeous.  I have some pictures of us, but they are on another camera, when I get them I will post them.

Jason and I went to one of the nicer restaurants at the resort for a delicious seafood dinner.  It was very romantic.  The dark area behind us is the ocean.

Another night we all went into town to eat and this man serenaded us.  Max was REALLY into it.

So was Mike :)

One of the few pictures of the whole group.

Family picture.

Another family picture in front of the sign where we stayed.

Overall it was a wonderful trip.  I wish more of Jason's family could have come.  Maybe next time.