Saturday, July 22, 2006

Our Weekend

This weekend my mother-in-law Jan was in town for a night so we went and saw "My Fair Lady" at a little outdoor theater in Orem. It was really good. Then on Saturday night Jason, my cousin Stephanie and I went miniature golfing. We didn't have to work on Monday so Jason and I are stayed in a cute little Bed and Breakfast in Salt Lake City on Sunday night. Sunday we walked around Temple Square and all around Salt Lake, then on Monday we went and visited the Golden Spike National Park (see below for details). It was a great weekend, really took my mind off the horrible statistics class I am taking right now!!

Despite my concentration...I lost the game:(

Stephanie and I.

We love miniature golf!!

Jason and I.

Jan, Jason and I at "My Fair Lady".

Jason and I at the Golden Spike National Park. This is where the two railroads (the Union Pacific and Central Pacific) met to complete the transcontinental railroad in 1869.

This is me with the people who reinacted the events.

On our way out of Promnotory Point we found this place that makes rocket boosters for NASA so of course Jason had to get a picture with one.

Jason with the Salt Lake City temple behind him.

Ok, so I love balconies, so when Jason was choosing the room at our bed and breakfast he picked the one with a private balcony. I was so excited. So last night we went out, it was a perfect evening, and just as I sat down a bee flew in my hair so I swatted at it and it stung me. It was really scary but I didn't let is ruin my time on my private balcony.

I also love flowers, so I made Jason take my picture with the pretty flowers at Temple Square.

This was our cute room at the Ellerbeck Bed and Breakfast in Salt Lake.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

BBQ at our house

So we had a BBQ on Sunday at our place because we had some friends visiting Provo after moving to Canada. There were about 25 people in our little apartment. Although it was crowded, the food and the company was great!!!

Sam and Renee visiting from Canada.

Kelly and Marianne.

Nate, Sam, Sean (and Elaina) and Jeff.

Katie, Nate, Sean and Joe.

Jason, Marianne, Ashley, Sam and Renee.

Jeff and Kelly.

Jason and Marianne.

My cousin Stephanie was visiting us before she went to EFY, it was great to have her with us!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Our Ward Campout

We are in a married student ward, and this weekend our ward had a campout in the American Fork Canyon. It was really fun. We went up around 7pm and cooked foil dinners and had a little program, and played games. The next morning we had breakfast and came home. We are so lucky to live so close to such beautiful mountains!!!! It was awesome.

Our friends Dan and Ashley.

Our friends Sean and Spring.

Jason and I.

Me and my friend Heather.

Ashley and Jason in a skit.

Jason, Renee and I.

Nali and Renee visiting from Canada.

Jack's Visit to Provo

Jack flew into Salt Lake late Thursday and stayed with us until he left for Rexburg on Sunday. On Friday we went to an outdoor showing of the first Pirates of the Caribbean. It was fun.

Me, Jason and Jack at Brick Oven.

We went and watched the 1st Pirates movie on an outdoor screen at BYU.


We went to Denver for the 4th of July weekend. It was really fun. We really liked Boulder, this little hippie/enviromentalist town near Denver. The purpose of our trip was to see Tom Petty and Pearl Jam in concert. It is kinda cool cause our first date was a Tom Petty concert almost exactly 4 years ago. So it was very special. We stayed with Jasons friend Mitch, who is doing an internship for IBM in Denver.

Jason and I at TP concert.

Eddie Vedder and Tom was awesome!!!

This is Jeff, Jenny, Me and Jason at the Tom Petty/Pearl Jam concert.

Us in Boulder

Us in Downtown Denver.

It poured on us in Boulder.

We rented bikes for the day in Boulder. The other guy is our friend Mitch.