Monday, October 22, 2012

When Daddy Is Away...

When Daddy Is Away...the family will play.  The only way I can get through a month without my husband is to keep BUSY!  We did lots of fun things while Jason was in North Dakota.  We just wish he could have been with us. 

My handsome boys on the way to church.  This was the day of our primary program.  

I think it is tradition for everyone who grew up within one hour of Wheatland, to visit Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.  That place is the BEST.  We love it.  I ended up not having to work on a Tuesday at the end of Sept so we gathered my parents and some friends and headed out there.  It was the best time I have had there.  The weather was perfect and there was hardly anyone there.  A couple years ago when I went and Max was about 4 weeks old, it was 103 degrees, I wanted to die. 

I despise this picture because I look HUGE, but I had to get a pic of the train.  My boys love the train and whenever we talk about the pumpkin patch Max says "choo chop".

When Jason was first gone, Ollie was having a really hard time going to bed at night because he was scared.  I think he was use to Jason laying down with him so he always had someone with him until he went to sleep.  I don't do that.  So we came up with the 'magic wand' and he really believed that it would get monsters (unfortunately magic wands don't work on snakes which continued to be a worry).  Eventually, I just let him sleep in my bed with me because I liked having a warm body next to me.  We needed each other while Jason was gone.

One weekend we went to Lincoln High School's homecoming football game.  Our friend Robbie Boatman was a homecoming prince and both he and his brother Tanner play football, so it was fun to watch them.  This pic is of the boys watching the cheerleaders :)

I got off early one afternoon so I took the boys to John's Incredible Pizza.  We had a lot of fun that afternoon.  I think Ollie ate something that didn't agree with him because I woke up in the middle of the night to him throwing up in my bed (awesome).  It happened a few more times during the night and once his stomach was empty he was fine.  So I guess the pizza isn't that incredible :)

Ollie sits like this all the time and I think it is so cute!  

One weekend we went to Plumas Lake and spent the night with my friends Stacie, Drew and baby Britt.  We went to a fall festival that night and the next morning Stac and I hit up a few yard sales, my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning.

I got these jammies for Max at one of the yard sales for 50 cents.  He LOVES them.

I got my craft on one night.  I had seen blocks at a craft store and decided I could do it myself.  I made some mistakes so I am looking forward to making some at Christmas and learning from those mistakes.

During general conference Ollie played a game where he put a cotton ball in a jar every time he heard certain words.  It worked really well and he filled his jar.  We celebrated by getting frozen yogurt the next night for FHE.

I had an opening in my schedule one day so I had Ollie come in and I cleaned his teeth.  It was fun for me to see the boys at work and show them off to my coworkers.

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for our friend Devan.  It was a baseball themed party and a lot of fun.  Ollie won the game they played, which was good since he didn't want to do it and I kind of pressured him.  He also had a lot of fun hitting the piƱata.

A couple of weekends after we went to Plumas Lake, the Rahlf family came and stayed with us in Auburn.  I love hanging out with Stacie and Drew, we always have a lot of fun.  I took them to our favorite pizza place in Newcastle.

Jason is home now, hallelujah!!  He was suppose to get home last Monday morning, but he tricked me by leaving a day earlier than he said and got home Sunday afternoon.  I was SO excited to see him.  I never want to be apart for that long ever again!