Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We have had lots of fun Halloween festivities this year.  It started last weekend when our friends threw a totally wicked (haha) halloween party.  It was fun to dress up, and to see all our friends dressed up.  We also watched the Giants game, which is a REALLY big deal here, obviously.  I found I really like watching baseball if I only watch the last inning and the World Series is at stake.  Since I took Ollie to my pumpkin patch at home where he got to go on the hayride and ride the train, we didn't bother taking him to the big pumpkin patch that we normally go to in this area.  Instead we took him to a little pumpkin patch near our house.  He of course had a blast running around and picking out a pumpkin.

It is nearly impossible to get a front view picture of this kid, especially at the pumpkin patch since he didn't stop running the whole time we were there.

Me and Max staying warm.

Ollie's pumpkin.

 This weekend Jason and some friends participated in the Warrior Dash in Casa de Frutas.  It was a 5k run that included obstacles along the way.  They had to climb over cars and haybales, scale cargo nets, go through a tunnel, slid down a big slip-n'-slide, jump over flaming logs and crawl through a huge mud pit.  They had a lot of fun doing it and I enjoyed watching with the kids.  I thought I would be too out of shape to do it , but now I'm wishing I would have done it too.  Oh well, next year.

Jason, Ben and Geoff nearing the finish line.

Amy crawling through the mud.  There is barbed wire across the mud so you have to get down and crawl to avoid it.  This is where I was parked and it was a good place to be.  Very entertaining.  
After the race.

After being hosed off.

Our friends Austin and Ashley also did the race (in fact Austin is the one who told us about it).  They actually dove into the mud, hence the mud all over their hair.  

 Our cute little warriors.

I put the following picture up on facebook, but here it is again.  Jason and I were Juno and Bleeker for halloween.  Jason won Creepiest costume at our church party.  I guess most people don't enjoy seeing Jason in short shorts as much as I do...haha.

 Saturday night we headed to our church for a trunk-or-treat, where people decorate their trunks and hand out candy.  It was a lot of fun.

Max as a peapod, 6 weeks old.  The costume was like a sleeping bag, he was so comfy.
This is Ollie as a peapod his first halloween.  He was  3 months old. 

Ollie got his face painted.  I was surprised at how well he sat for it.

Ollie was the cutest monkey you have ever seen.  He kept trying to take the banana out of his pocket but it was sewn in.  He loved getting candy, of course, but we were surprised that every time he had the option he chose milkduds.  What a funny boy.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Max started smiling around 5 weeks and I just LOVE it!!  It is the cutest thing.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday (on his 6 week birthday).

This is the first documented picture of Ollie smiling around 6 weeks.  You can totally tell they are brothers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend in Lincoln

We had a really fun, busy last weekend.  A friend of mine is getting married in a few weeks and her bridal shower was in my home town (Lincoln).  We left Thursday afternoon to drop Jason's boss off at the SF airport and then headed to the Presidio where Jason was invited by Chevy to test drive the pre production plug-in electric Chevy Volt.  After that we headed to Lincoln.  Friday Jason worked from home while the kids and I ran some errands.  Later that afternoon we met up with my mom and friend Brendi and her kids and went to the pumpkin patch that I grew up going to.  It was not an ideal day for the pumpkin patch.  It was 93 degrees and just so hot, but we had a good time.  That evening was the bridal shower.  It was so fun to see friends and celebrate my awesome friend Stacie.  Saturday we just hung out, visited my grandparents and then I went to dinner with my friends and did some shopping, sans children.  It was awesome.  Sunday was great too.  I love going to church and we had dinner with both our families.  While we were gone Max slept in his own room, so now that we are home he is in his own room and it has been going very well.  I am now sleeping much better between feedings.  Once he is on more of a schedule we will be moving him in with Ollie.  Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks and our weekend.

Ollie loves pushing his lawn mower with daddy.

Speaking of being like daddy, lately Ollie will come over to me and say "kiss mommy", give me a kiss and then go outside get on his bike and say "going to work now".  Just like his daddy does, so cute. adorable is he??
Jason and the volt (what a nerd) :-)

This was Ollie at the end of our day at the pumpkin patch.  Really red from running around when it was so hot, and dirty, oh and carrying two sticks of course.

Checking out the goats.

Playing in the hay.

All of us on the hay ride.

Me trying to get Ollie to look at the camera while we rode the train.

Deacon showing us that he can pick up Ollie.

The kids playing in the pumpkin.

The whole gang.

Me, Tam, Stacie and Brendi at Stacie's shower.

Before dinner on Saturday night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Max's Blessing

We blessed Max in the Campbell ward on 10/10/10, should be easy to remember.  Jason gave a beautiful blessing and it was so fun to have some family and friends come to the blessing.  We had a little luncheon after church that was also very fun.  We just love little Max, he really is such a blessing to us.  Here are some pictures.

First decent family picture.

The family that was in town.

The luncheon.

Max slept through most of his party.


Ollie and his friends.

Later they decided they wanted to watch a movie.

Ollie just LOVES Max so much, a little too much at times.  But really he gives him kisses and cuddles ALL day long.

Sweet little baby.

My parents with my boys.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Pictures of Max

I have a couple of friends with much nicer cameras than mine who offered to take some pictures of Max so we can remember him at this adorable stage of life.  They turned out so cute.  These first pictures where taken when he was one week old.  Thanks Brittany and Abby!!

These were taken yesterday, he was three weeks old.