Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping- Mt. Madonna

This past weekend we headed up to Mt. Madonna to go camping.  It was a really fun weekend, and so nice to be outside.  Much to Jason dismay, we tent camped, since he waited until the last minute to find a camping trailer.  I actually love tent camping and was happy to do it, although I did worry a little about sleeping on the ground being 7 months pregnant, but it was fine.  Ollie and I picked Jason up from work Friday afternoon.  On the way we stopped and had dinner.  We set up camp, went for a walk and then our friends Paul and Amy met us up there.  We put Ollie to bed, played games, and talked late into the night (ok it was like 11:30 but that is pretty late for us). 

Reading Ollie books before bed.

Paul and Amy made a delicious breakfast in the morning.  Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit.  Ollie loves bacon, in fact he snuck a piece while we all had our eyes closed during the prayer.

Jason supervising Pauls cooking.

Later that morning we went on a little walk/hike.  Because of the fog, everything was really moist and these banana slugs were everywhere.  This guy is little compared to some of the slugs we saw.

Amy was a good sport and played a lot with Ollie.  She was his best friend by the end of the trip.

Ollie climbing the tree.

This one is blurry but pictures of Ollie looking at the camera and smiling are so rare, I thought I would post it.  

Ollie "helping" Paul and Amy pack up their tent.

I love this picture.  Paul took it while Ollie was suppose to be going down for his nap.  What a sweet little face.

Hanging out by the fire.

Ollie loved zipping and unzipping our tent.  He kept poking his little head out and saying "Hi" to us.

Paul and Amy had to leave Saturday afternoon, so it was just Jason, Ollie, and me Saturday night.  Ollie was being a serious two year old, so we were happy to put him to bed after eating our tin foil dinners (which Jason severely burned).  

The weather Saturday night was so perfect.

 Jason was so sweet and played Scrabble with me, even though it isn't his favorite game.  He even beat me, by quite a bit.

If you know Jason, you know he takes VERY good care of his things (a good trait to have in a husband if you ask me).  Friday night we set up our tent in the middle of a ring of redwoods.  It seemed like the perfect place, but the trees collected condensation from the fog, and our tent was 'rained on' all night.  It sounded like a serious rain storm all night long, which was actually kind of cool, but it made a big mess of our tent.  So here it is set up in our backyard so Jason could properly clean it before packing it up.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Garden and Ollie

The garden and Ollie are pretty much what we have going on these days, at least according to the pictures on my camera.  I really should get a belly shot for those who are interested.  I just entered my 3rd trimester (28 weeks).  I can't believe I still have 12 weeks to go!!  Luckily the weather has been really nice and I am not dying of heat, yet.   I am still trying to teach Ollie that he has to be gentle with my belly.  When I am sitting he tries using it as a step to climb on, and he loves to kick during diaper changes.  The baby moves a ton, I swear a lot of times I think he is trying to kick his way out.  I love it though.  Jason is still training a lot for his Ironman next month.  I think we will all be happy when it is over.

Ollie LOVES olives.  What kid doesn't?

We went to Happy Hollow earlier this week.  Ollie rode the carousel for the first time.  Of course I made him ride the zebra since that was my high school mascot...Go Fighting Zebras!!

Our garden is growing so well.  I am obsessed with it.  Here are some pictures of what we are growing, since I know people really care :)

This is going to be a red bell pepper.   Isn't it cute?

Basil, onions, carrots, peas, beets.

A squash!!!

A little cucumber.

Peas.  Ollie LOVES the peas.  In fact, he has had many timeouts for picking them without adult supervision.  He eats them straight out of the pod.

Our squash and zucchini plants that Jason transplanted.  I was a little worried at first, but they seem to be doing really well now.

Our tomato plants.

 Somehow one of my socks ended up in Ollie's crib and when I went to check on him he had put it on.  Funny boy.

Ok the next series of pictures are ones I discovered on the camera.  Apparently Ollie is an aspiring photographer.  There were many more, but I thought these were funny.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Utah Weekend

***WARNING: This post is very picture heavy***
Last night we got back from a weekend trip to Utah to meet our newest nephew and attend his blessing. It was a wonderful weekend. I miss Jason's siblings so much now that we live in CA so it was fun to hang out with them. We were missing Uncle Mike who is busy bank rollin' and getting the ladies in North Carolina (according to him), hopefully we'll get to see him soon. Ollie had the BEST time ever. Pretty much nonstop fun for him. Here are tons of pictures from the weekend.

Me and Ollie on the airplane. Our flight left at 6:15am, so we were up at 4am :( Ollie did great on the short flight, although he was pretty wiggly. In fact, the guy in front of his seat turned around and said, "Could you please get your child to stop bumping my seat". Well buddy, he is two years old and your seat is completely reclined, and you could at least ask nicely.

They gave us our own row in the very back since the flight wasn't full. Ollie felt like such a big boy sitting in his own seat.
Friday, after a big breakfast at Jen and Jeff's, Jason, Ollie and I headed to Provo to see Jason's boss from the law school. It was fun to drive through Provo and reminisce about our many memories there. After that we dropped Jason off so he could go on a bike ride with his BFF Jared. Ollie and I headed back to Lehi for naps. That evening we all went to Cafe Rio...yum. I miss that place.
This little bundle of joy made me so excited for baby #2 to come. He is a little snuggler, and so happy all the time.

Ollie contemplating life, while trying to stick grass in the water bottle.

Seriously, how sweet is he?!

Ollie was pretty much obsessed with Jen and Jeff's trampoline. It was so cute to hear him say the word trampoline. Since the weather was so warm we turned on the water and let him go, pretty much the best thing ever for a two year old.

Little Ezra napping away.

Ollie loved everything that belonged to the baby. He wanted in his carseat until he actually got put in, then of course he didn't like it.

Saturday the family and some friends packed a picnic and went and played at a park.
Ollie stuffing his pockets with pinecones.

Ollie and Jamison. They are about 4 months apart. They didn't really play together but they played near each other.

Aunt Michelle gave Ollie some chocolate, a surefire way to be his best friend.

Ollie and Jamison looking at the camera.

Hugging. I love that Ollie will hug anyone we tell him to hug, whether they like it or not.

Jason and Jared discussing important things I'm sure, like cycling, cars, or triathlons.

Jason holding little Ezra Jason Lee.

Ollie sitting in the baby's swing. He didn't care for one when he was a baby, but he loves it now.

Ollie and Michelle, BFF's.

Grandma getting some air while jumping with Ollie.

Ollie in the baby's bouncer. When he laid down it pretty much went all the way to the floor.

Jeff, Jason and little Ez.

Ollie and Grandma

Jason with his sister Michelle.

We were happy that we got to spend some time with Jason's grandparents who came down from Blackfoot.

Me and Ez, just chillin.

Ollie with his great grandparents.

Hugging the baby.

While Ollie is pretty gentle with the baby, he kept wanting to touch his eye for some reason.

The two lovebirds, Eric and Michelle.